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3 Ways Blogging Can Help Your Business

Blogging for your business is a fantastic marketing tool that gives your business a voice and more online visibility. A blog is basically another marketing platform for your business, much like social media and email marketing, yet many businesses still aren’t maximising on this. Why? Because many just don’t understand how helpful blogging can be for your business. Below we have included three benefits of blogging for your business. 


The Importance Of Using Quality Picture Mounts

 Today we have a guest post from the fantastic company Cadremont who produce high-quality professional picture mounts for photographers and artists. Below they discuss why it is so important to use quality picture mounts in your creative business. 

As professional artists and photographers, we create work not only for ourselves but for others to enjoy too. For our pieces to look at their very best the work doesn’t end with the final stroke of the brush, or when the photograph finally emerges from the photo lab. In order to achieve the best results, there are other considerations that need to be taken into account and one of those things is the choice of picture mounts that we use to give our work the professional edge. 


Boosting profits

Boosting profits alongside your everyday, bread and butter business means doing things a little differently. Like taking a holiday to revive the senses or taking a stroll to break the cycle. Finding quick-fire and longer term ways to add some extra to the bottom line requires some creativity and a blast of energy.


Why You Should Be Creating An Email List

Email lists have been around for years but recently, they have gained popularity. It can seem like everyone is starting an email list but no one really knows why they should. Today we’re discussing why you should start creating an email list and which programmes you could use to make things a little easier and streamlined. 


Milestones You Could Offer For Baby’s Second Year

As a newborn photographer, you should be constantly looking for ways to increase business and tie past clients in. After all, it’s easier to keep a current client than finding a new one. One way of doing this is to offer parents a baby’s second-year milestone package. Below we have included a few milestone ideas that you might like to offer parents.


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