The Online Solution For School Photographers!

Most schools nowadays require an online solution for viewing, ordering and paying for images. The main reason for this is so that the admin tasks lie with, you the photographer and not with the school. As we are all in the service industry, we all know that when our customer’s requirements change our workflows must follow. For this reason we are thrilled to offer the online solution for school photographers in partnership with Megalabs!


There is no need for any special software, time consuming set-ups and expensive licenses as those hurdles have been removed for you.

With our solution you can:

  • Use traditional proofing cards designed and printed for you.
  • Use a password per child, class or school – it’s completely up to you!
  • Set an order cut-off date to encourage highest order values.
  • Enjoy zero commission on sales with direct payments.

And much more!


This is a really easy and simple way of managing and producing high-quality school photos. So follow the link to learn more and get started!

So You Want To Be A Nursery Photographer…

So you want to be a nursery photographer...

Many people think that a nursery school photographer and a school photographer are the same thing. But the workflows are very different. As a nursery school (also known as a toddler group) photographer you will be photographing children under the age of five in their school environment. Unlike primary and secondary schools, toddler groups tend to cater to a small number of children and are privately owned. Also, a nursery school photo shoot tends to be organised on a first-come-first-served basis rather than as regimented production line. This is typically because children attend the toddler group either in the morning or afternoon.


Fail quickly

fail quickly

‘Fail quickly’ is a commonly used phrase originating from the worlds of Uber and Facebook. This may result in a big sigh or the eyes glazing over. Fair enough, but it’s a vitally important point and no doubt businesses have been doing it far longer than those companies named above. Fast moving retail goods especially.

if you are going to try a new product or service then commit to it and if it doesn’t work, find that out quickly so it does not cost you any more than it needs to.


New Bulk Delete Option

We have made a new update to the bulk delete area which will make bulk deleting large collections easier and quicker. It’s a great update for all school photographers.

Previously in order to bulk delete a complete collection including sub-folders you would have had to manually select every folder you wanted to remove. However, now you can select the “recursive delete option” within the bulk delete area to show only the top folders in your collections. You can then select just the main folder you want to delete (which will also select all the sub-folders within the collection) and remove it in just a few clicks.

To use the recursive delete option log into your account on theimagefile > My Images > Bulk Delete Collections > click on the “see only top-level collections” link..

Taking time out

taking time out

Taking time out when we are advising you on how to grow your business may seem a slightly strange suggestion, but there’s method in our madness. It’s really important to allow time to gain some perspective, as is to put your foot to the floor and accelerate, but it’s a key skill to know when to do this.

Time away from the day-to-day business can come in many forms as well. It does not have to be completely non-work related, or not involve taking a camera. Importantly it has to break the routine and get your grey matter working in a different way. This will enable you to think creatively about your normal operation and explore other ways of doing things.

…hear how other people find the reasons to get up in the morning and this will provide fresh impetus to your own work.


New Font Awesome Feature


Font Awesome provide lovely classic icons that can be added simply and effectively to your web pages. There are hundreds available from social media icons to activity icons to workflow icons and all have a seamless, classic design that would suit any industry, style or audience.

It’s really easy to add Font Awesome to your web pages in the text editor area, check out our help article or watch the tutorial!

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