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Brand consistency

Brand consistency is super important. Especially as today’s consumer may have a variety of different ways of first coming into contact with you. Your online profiles need to be clear, consistent and secure. For example, if Cannon was presented as one thing on Twitter by their customer service team and something completely different on your desktop browser, then your impression of them would be somewhat tarnished.


Father’s Day Social Media Downloads

Earlier this week we released the new Father’s Day page set. To help you market your new offers we have also created some social media downloads. These are a great way of marketing your offers on your website or blog, as well as spreading the message on all your social media platforms, allowing your to potentially reach more customers. 


Mistakes happen

Mistakes happen, begin brave enough to make them shows character, learning from them shows great business acumen.

You started your business because you wanted to try something new and follow your passion. Now you have got over that first hurdle of actually doing it. The challenge is to take it further and keep the fire burning. The fear of your business failing may have faded but the bigger challenge is to keep is growing. Sustaining it to a level where you can grow in other areas. Mistakes happen, don’t fear failure!

To try something and failing quickly without impacting your business too much is a learned skill.


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