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The New “One-Collection”!

We have been working hard on a massive upgrade – “One-Collection”. This upgrade is free and offers better functionality in all areas. 

The collection and file edit pages have been completely redesigned to include new and improved features and tools including better search options, sharing tools, increased SEO and client privacy options. The new user interface now also supports all sales (prints, downloads and stock licences) and distribution options all from one collection. 

By upgrading your workflow will be easier, quicker and better overall. We have written a help article here to explain all the benefits of the “One-Collection” in detail. 


Building the business

Building the business is, for most of us, the aim of the game. To be able to sell more products, more services, without impacting financially or from a quality aspect is the measure of your company’s success. At what point does expansion become a burden on your business? When should you take the high road to protect your current workload and output?



Discounting is an age-old problem for photographers chasing business, keen to keep busy. It is important to be clear on the distinction here. A discounted service is different to offering discounts on particular products for limited amounts of time. Offering a discounted service below that of your nearest competition, as a business strategy, will not work over an extended period of time. Or as an overarching goal for your business.


Moodboard: July Weddings

We love July weddings – the weather is lovely and perfect for being in the great outdoors and taking inspiration from nature. 

Here are some of our favourite finds and ideas: 

  • Marquee receptions
  • Cakes in pastel colours
  • Food trucks 
  • Big blooms 
  • Floral crowns 
  • Delicate lace


Moodboard: July Engagements

July engagements are so beautiful. Now that the sun has made an appearance and the weather is that little bit warmer, there are so many engagement shoot options out there.

Above are some of our favourite ideas; visit a local park or botanical garden, if you’re lucky enough to live near the sea then perhaps go for a coastal vibe or really embrace the spirit of early summer with a romantic ice cream date. 



3 Ways To Put Routine Tasks On Auto-Pilot

Summer is one of the busiest times of the year. It’s wedding season, back to school is only a few weeks away and many of us have our own holiday plans booked. You might find yourself wishing that there was two of you or that there were more hours in the day. Well, there’s a way to make things easier for yourself. 

Instead of working around the clock you can establish systems that allow you to complete general tasks more quickly, freeing up your time and allowing you to focus on developing and making your business more profitable. Below are some tips to help you get started! 


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