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Why You Need An Online Gallery, Even If You’re Not Selling Online

It has become increasingly popular for photographers, specialising in certain genres, to conduct in-person sales. Generally, those that conduct in-person sales specialise in work that is more one-to-one. This tends to work very well, as you are tapping into the emotion of the subject. However, there’s still a definite benefit for uploading those images to an online gallery and displaying them on your website, even if you have already generated the majority of your sales in-person. 



Newsletters drop into my inbox far too frequently. Many go unread, but there are few which I always read – either right away, or I store in a safe place for reading later. The word on the marketing street for the last few years has been content, content and more content. This is a catch-all term for the marketing collateral. The focus on producing the right content has been good at missing the real point which is all about engaging your customers to encourage them to spend their money.


Moodboard: October

October is one of our favourite times of year. The colours are beautiful, everything is becoming warm and cosy and there’s just a hint of a chill in the air. 

Some of our favourite things this month are: 

  • Autumn colours; reds, oranges and yellows
  • Warm seasonal drinks
  • Spiced desserts
  • Pumpkins
  • Falling Leaves
  • Wooly jumpers and thick coats

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