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10to8: Appointment Scheduling Software

Posted on November 15, 2018 by Elsa under Business, Partners, Sales and Marketing, Websites and SEO

You may have already heard of 10to8 and are possibly already using it, however, if you have not then we would like to introduce you to the software that will make taking on-line bookings and reservations as well as managing your bookings a breeze. 


10to8 is an appointment scheduling tool that is easy to use, attractively designed and makes managing bookings and client relationships simple. The software allows you to: 

  • Attract new customers and offer convenience with client booking features
  • Sync your 10to8 appointments with your Google Calendar so everything is in one easy place. 
  • Take online payments for bookings using PayPal. 
  • Take online bookings through your Facebook business page.
  • Option to coordinate with clients without multi-tasking by using the two-way chat feature straight in your calendar. 
  • Reduce no-show rates by 90% with smart text and email reminders. 


The online booking feature is really simple for clients to use and is very attractively designed. The feature allows clients to book your free slots online from wherever they are, on any device. 

You can say goodbye to double ups and surprise bookings with 10to8 as you can decide when, how and what can be booked with manual booking request approval. 

You can easily take payments with PayPal, Stripe and SagePay with no additional charge. Perfect for striking while the iron is hot!

Visit 10to8 to sign up and start offering online bookings. Also, make sure to watch the getting started video below which walks you through everything you need to know. 

Using the supplied embed code you can add the online booking calendar to your website on theimagefile using a widget or a Custom HTML page.  All integrated and working in no-time.  Whats not to like?

To be completely upfront with you, the link to signup has an affiliate link where 10to8  pay a small commission as a thank you for new customers, in the same way as theimagefile also runs an affiliate program. This cost is completely covered by 10 to 8 and does not add any costs to your service from 10 to 8, however, if you would prefer not to use that link and would rather approach independently, we a cool with that too just follow this link