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11 Great Content Ideas For Wedding Photographers In 2020

Posted on April 27, 2020 by theimagefile under Business, Inspiration, Social Media and Blogging, Websites and SEO

After the wonderful response we received on our previous post – 5 Great Content Ideas For While We’re In Lockdown – we thought we would start a series. Everyone is looking for content ideas at the moment, and even if we can’t go out to work we can encourage future bookings and interest.

For our second instalment, we have focused on wedding photography and have eleven great content ideas specifically for wedding photographers to share with your visitors and clients!

Share Your Top Local Wedding Venues

When you’re planning a wedding, any genuine recommendation you can find is a big plus! By sharing your favourite local wedding venues you are not only helping out your potential clients but also showcasing your expertise in the industry.

You could choose to share all your recommendations in one blog post, social media post or web page. Alternatively, you could break down your recommendations into different categories, for example, indoor locations, outdoor venues, historic estates etc.

If you have photographed a wedding at a particular location in the past make sure you share your beautiful images of the venue. This will really showcase to any bride and groom that you can really capture whichever venue they choose to the highest standard.

Even better, you could ask the venues you mention to either share your post with their customers or alternatively, add you to a list of their trusted suppliers.

Share Your Top Local Wedding Suppliers

Following on from the previous point, why not share your own list of trusted local suppliers?

You could include bridal shops, tailors, florists, cake makers, hair stylists, beauty professionals, bands, DJs etc.

Again, you could ask the suppliers you mention to also mention you on their trusted suppliers page or share your post on their blog or social media to spread the word.

How To Hire A Photographer For A Proposal Without The Fiancee Knowing

It is becoming increasingly popular to hire a professional photographer to capture images of a surprise proposal. However, many future grooms (and brides) are unsure how to arrange it.

Why not share your advice for organising a secret proposal photoshoot and explain how you would handle the commission to ensure the future Mrs (or Mr) has no idea until the big moment!

Best Places In Your Area For Engagement Photos

Many wedding photographers also offer an engagement session either as part of the wedding photography package or as an optional extra. When couples choose to have an engagement shoot they are often completely out of their depth. Remember, they most likely have never experienced working with a professional photographer and have no idea what to expect or what they need to do or know to achieve the best photographs. This is where you can really showcase your expertise and guide them through the process.

You could share some of your favourite locations for an engagement shoot. Perhaps there are some beautiful outdoor locations near you? Maybe you know of a gorgeous spot in town that works perfectly? You could even go down a specific route and suggest the best locations for engagement shoots that include the pooch!

Alternatively, you could simply share your best tips on how to choose a location for an engagement shoot.

How To Incorporate Their Engagement Photos Into Their Wedding Day

While we are on the topic of engagement sessions, why not share some inspiration on how couples can incorporate their engagement photos into their wedding day. This not only shows that you care about the couple’s wedding day itself but also reinforces why couples should invest in an engagement shoot.

Not sure what to suggest? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Use engagement photos as save the date cards or invitations.
  • Incorporate them into the table plan.
  • Create a one of a kind guest book.
  • Use them simply as decorations. Couples could hang them from string, frame their favourites or include them on a table showcasing family photos.
  • Couples could even give a beautiful engagement photo away as a wedding favour to guests.

Why They Should Hire A Photo Booth And A Professional Photographer

This is a great choice for any wedding photographer that also offer a photo booth service to couples or alternatively, partners with a company that does.

Why not share why photo booths are such a great addition to any wedding? You could discuss how the images are different to those captured by a professional photographer on the day as well as how the photo booth images could be used in the future.

However, don’t forget to stress that the images captured by a photo booth are unlikely to be as high-quality as those captured by a professional photographer!

How Photographers And Videographers Work Together On The Wedding Day

Many couples now invest in both a photographer and videographer to capture their wedding day. However, not knowing how their chosen photographer and videographer will interact together can be a cause for concern for clients.

Reassure couples by explaining how a professional photographer and videographer work together to capture their wedding days. You could even go one step further and include a list of videographers you would recommend and have worked with before.

How To Share Their Wedding Photos With Their Guests

This is a more practical topic you could share with clients, but an important one none the less.

Explain to couples how you handle sharing their wedding images with them and how their guests will be able to access them too. You could even include screenshots of past galleries to display how beautiful their client gallery will look when they receive their images (especially if you are using cover photos!). This is great for increasing their excitement!

This is also a perfect opportunity to push gift vouchers to your clients. After all, receiving a gift voucher to purchase prints or other products is a beautiful way of saying thank you to family and friends that played such an important role in the couple’s special day.

Things To Consider When Planning The Wedding Day Timeline

Another practical point to share with clients is how to organise their wedding day timeline. Of course, some of the timeline will be dictated by the venue or the couple themselves, but make sure to share what a photographer requires from a wedding day timeline. The majority of clients will have no idea how long they need to allocate for getting ready images, family group shots or couple portraits to share some advice with them.

Tips For Making The Group Family Photos Fast And Easy For Everyone

I think we can all agree that whether you are the photographer or the bride, family group shots take longer than you expected. Why not share with potential clients your tips for making the group family photos fast and easy for everyone.

After all, the more prepared the bride, groom and bridal party are the easier your job is and of course, the quicker family group shots are done the sooner the bride and groom can get back to their wedding day!

Share Your Favourite Images From Past Weddings

Finally, if you don’t know what to share with visitors, everyone loves to see past weddings. Not only is it your chance to show off your skill and talent but it’s a great source of inspiration for future brides and grooms.