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17 Great Content Ideas For Newborn & Baby Photographers

Posted on May 5, 2020 by theimagefile under Business, Inspiration, Social Media and Blogging

For the third instalment of our content ideas series we thought we would share seventeen ideas for newborn and baby photographers. Of course, at the moment, it isn’t possible for newborn and baby sessions to take place but sharing some well-written articles on either your blog, social media platforms or website is a great way to maintain interest from past clients and encourage new customers to get in touch.

The Perfect Age For Newborn Photos

This is probably the biggest question newborn photographers get asked by expectant parents so makes a great content topic. You could even include advice on how to book a newborn session, things to consider, what to bring and how to get the most out of a session so that new parents are armed with all the knowledge they will need.

How To Choose An Heirloom Prop For Your Newborn Session

It has become increasingly popular for the new parents to include a special heirloom in their newborn session. This is a lovely idea and is a great way of making each newborn session really unique to the family. However, it can be difficult for parents to know what to choose and which items work and look best in photographs. Why not share your advice on the best type of heirloom items as well as any considerations parents should know?

Creative Places To Do A Baby Session Outside Of The Studio

Not every baby or newborn session is done in a studio. Why not share some creative ideas for outdoor baby sessions to act as inspiration for parents. You could even do a list of pros and cons for each location as well as showcasing images from previous sessions you have done.

Behind The Scenes Of The Most Popular Newborn Shots

There are particular newborn shots that are always popular with parents. But how much work actually goes in to capturing those moments? Showcase your expertise and knowledge by sharing a behind the scenes of the most popular newborn shots. This could include how you pose baby, things to consider for backgrounds and props as well as the editing process that happens after the session to ensure the best possible images.

Showcase Your Studio And How You Have Thought Of Every Detail

Many newborn sessions happen in a photographic studio. These studios are often kitted out specifically for new mums and babies. This is a great content topic to share with your prospective clients. It gives you the opportunity to shine a light on all the work and consideration you have taken to ensure that you studio is a safe, comfortable and happy place for both parent and baby.

It’s also a great topic as many new mums and dads want to know but don’t want to actually ask!

Feature Your Favourite Newborn Props

Sharing your favourite baby props not only gives inspiration to potential customers, but also gives you the opportunity to highlight a great fellow baby brand.

You could choose to focus on a particular type of prop or alternatively a specific brand in particular. You could also use the topic as a way of organising reciprocal guest posts (e.g. you write a nice article about them and they share an equally nice one about you).

Showcase Different Babies Using The Same Prop

You are the expert when it comes to newborn and baby photography and you have more experience with babies than probably any client that walks through your door. Showcase your expertise by sharing your favourite images of different babies using the same prop. This will show your clients the different style of images you can capture as well as give them inspiration for their own session.

Feature Local Bakers Who Create 1st Birthday Cakes

Cake smash session have become increasingly popular in recent years and are a lovely way of capturing baby’s first birthday. However, in order to have a cake smash session, you need a cake!

Why not feature some great local bakers that you have worked with in the past. This not only gives you the opportunity to highlight a great small business in the area but is also a really helpful topic for prospective clients.

Alternative Ideas To A Cake Smash

A cake smash session isn’t for every client or photographer. You could share some inspiration and ideas of alternative first birthday sessions. For example, a splash party, tearing up wrapping paper, baby surrounded by balloons…

Don’t forget to share the pros and cons of each session type!

Share Birth Stories If You Are A Birth Photographer

Many newborn and baby photographers now also capture the actual birth of babies. If this is the case for you, why not share the birth stories of some of your past clients. You could either ask mum or dad to write about their personal experience and how you added to it or alternatively, you could write about the experience from your point of view.

What To Consider For Newborn Sessions With Twins

Images of newborn twins are some of the most adorable you can find. However, photographing two babies instead of one does bring both highlights and difficulties. Why not share your advice and experience photographing twins? You could share things you have learnt from past experiences, things that the parents should consider as well as advice on the best poses and props.

The Difference Between A Newborn Session And A Baby Session

Again, another big question newborn and baby photographers are often asked. Spill all the information to your potential clients so that they can choose the best session for them. This is also a great way of sharing all the sessions you offer to clients too!

Share Your Favourite Images From Last Year

Always popular with photographers and clients, why not share your favourite images from last year? You could even include a little story about each baby and what you remember of your experience with them. Perfect for giving new mums and dads that lovely fuzzy feeling.

Talk About First Year Milestone Sessions

More and more newborn and baby photographers are now offering first year milestone sessions. This is a great way of boosting business as well as encouraging loyalty in customers.

Why not share the importance of first-year milestone sessions with your clients and the benefits of capturing those all-important fleeting moments.

Tips And Poses For Including Siblings In A Baby Session

Of course, many of your clients will have older children as well as their new bundle of joy and understandably would like all their children captured together. This is a great topic you could share.

You could not only share your experiences and advice of sibling images with customers but also advice on props, poses and locations.

Compare A Lifestyle And Studio Newborn Session

Many newborn and baby photographers offer both studio and lifestyle sessions in the client’s home. Why not compare the sessions to help clients decide which session is best for them?

You could explain the pros and cons of each session, what to consider if they choose a lifestyle session as well as how you organise and capture both types.

How To Include The Family Pet In A Newborn Session

If a client has a family pet they may well want to include it in their newborn or baby session. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your expertise in the industry and explain how you organise and include furry older siblings in the session.