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2020 Updates: Functionality Updates On Theimagefile

Posted on January 20, 2021 by theimagefile under New and Improved Features, Theimagefile, Websites and SEO

Throughout 2020, we made many functionality updates to help make running your business quicker and simpler than ever before. In case you missed the functionality updates at the time, here is a quick recap of all the new and improved features.

Proof Delay

Proof delay allows you to “hold” orders for 1-28 days. This gives you the chance to review cropping, retouch files or simply upload your best hi-res originals. You can choose to “approve” the order and immediately send for printing, or alternatively, take no further action and leave the order to automatically be sent for printing after the specified number of days. This ensures that no orders will be forgotten.

Custom Watermark

We have added and improved the features of the custom watermark tool. Once you have made your watermark active all new uploads will use the new watermark file (if selected). Using a custom watermark allows you to customise the appearance of your watermarked images to best suit your business clients and collections. With this improved functionality, you can now also display a different watermark on different collections.

Send Orders To Other Labs Of Your Choice

If you are using a self-fulfilment price plan you can add a recipient into your order emails. Therefore, you can send your orders to any lab of your choosing. Your chosen lab can then download all files and order data from the email.

Full-Screen Image Display Mode

You can now implement the full-screen image display mode within your collections so that when a client clicks on a thumbnail the image appears full-screen. This is a great design and customisation feature for your clients to view and enjoy their images.

New Standard Full Info Display Mode

We implemented a new standard full info display mode within collection settings. This display mode will display the full info of an image, including the metadata, file size and other information of the image, when the image is clicked on by the visitor. This information is automatically extracted from your file during upload or can be added within theimagefile system. This is a really useful tool for anyone specialising in stock photography or fine art photography.

Item Groups Can Now Use Filenames

Sometimes, you want to offer custom sale items on particular files within a collection. For example, a wedding may include a special panoramic group photo requiring special print sizes. If you have many collections that all need identical custom sale items, in the same way, you can streamline your workflow by creating Item Groups which are designed to apply automatically based on filename. This approach means you never need to edit the Item Group for each file. You just need to maintain a consistent naming scheme.

Font Cleanup Wizard

The Font Cleanup Wizard will remove any Google Fonts that are not being used from your font manager to improve your SEO and site speed times.

More Sales Of Additional Digital Products

To help with digital sales we have maximised the product type available within price plans for non-shipped items. You can now sell any miscellaneous virtual item, promo code, verified email access, custom access, admin link, secret message, donations, vouchers, and of course, digital downloads for all sizes.

New No Crop Option In Lab-Fulfilled Price Plans

By selecting the No Crop option within your lab-fulfilled price plans, customers will only be able to view products that “match” the images that are purchasing. For example, if you are offering a panoramic image, customers will only be able to select panoramic style products. Equally, if you are offering square orientation images, customers will only be able to choose from square orientation products. This makes it simpler for clients when choosing and purchasing products and also makes creating price plans a snip.