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2020 Updates: New Features

Posted on January 18, 2021 by theimagefile under Business, Inspiration, New and Improved Features, Photography, Sales and Marketing, Social Media and Blogging, Theimagefile, Websites and SEO

Throughout the global events of 2020 we have done our best to support you and your business. We have invested time and effort into creating new features, implementing major updates and adding in small but mighty functionality all of which are designed to help you get back to work.

In case you missed any of the new features and updates we implemented, here is a recap of the big changes we have made.

Responsive Thumbnails

Thumbnails can be displayed as large as the browser window will allow, or as small as you want them to display. The choice is yours and can be set either globally or on a collection-by-collection basis. This feature gives you a lot more control over how your images display within collections. This means that you can really customise the appearance of your client galleries and your customers experience.

Cover Photos

This feature is a beautiful introduction to a client gallery to your visitor and allows you to customise each collection to best suit your business, the collection and the client. The cover photo shows one selected image full-screen with the name of the collection and the collection entry button. There are different display settings, so you can choose if the over photo is only shown on the first view to the collection or is always visible giving you maximum control.

Create A Complete Site In Three-Clicks

We wanted to make it easier and quicker than ever to get your business up and running online. With the updated web builder interface you can make a complete site in just three clicks. This mean that you can be editing your content in less that two minutes!

Notification Bars

There are two types of notification bars – an announcement bar and a cookie bar. In compliance with EU GDPR law, the cookie bar shows a standard notice across the bottom of the browser screen explaining cookie usage and can optionally link to your Privacy Page. Alternatively, an announcement bar displays a custom message to highlight an event, sale or important notice to your website visitors. You can select to have an announcement on one or all your website pages and even set up different announcements on different pages. You can also pre-set a start and end date for sales so that you can prepare early and run your seasonal messages and sales with minimum effort. Both cookie bars and announcement bars feature customisable positioning, text, colours, link, hide option and bar height.

Gift Vouchers

You can sell gift vouchers, providing the buyer with a code that can be redeemed for products and services later. We take care of all details – sales, delivery to the buyer, balance tracking and final redemption meaning that you can focus on growing your business.

Date & Time Field Option For Advanced Contact Form & Checkout Questions

You now have the option to add a date and time field option to your advanced contact forms and checkout questions. This is really useful when creating a booking form for clients, provisionally scheduling appointments, lessons or meetings or product delivery dates.

Notification Pop-Up Boxes

A pop-up box is a box that displays on a website periodically, according to its programmed schedule. For example, it can display on every page or just one particular page e.g. your home page. Pop-up boxes really work to convert site visitors into loyal customers. Pop-up boxes help to isolate the visitor’s attention and encourage them to act. For example, to sign up to your mailing list, purchase special offers, read important information or to get in touch.

File Attachment For Advanced Contact Form

You can now add a File Attachment option to the advanced contact form. This is a great choice if you often require a written brief from a client, a signed and scanned contract, proof of identification or simply inspirational images and mood boards.

New Responsive Layout With Left Navigation

Due to heavy demand we launched a new responsive layout this year. The left-hand navigation is a beautifully designed responsive layout and is compatible with all page types. As with all our responsive layouts, the left hand navigation layout is completely customisable to suit your business and clientele.

Rounded Corners Or Circular Images On Advanced Text Page

You now have the added option of displaying your images within the advanced text page with rounded corners or as a circle. This is a fun addition to any website and is great for adding interest to your page and site in general. It is also a great choice if you want to add a little more informality to your pages.

New Shopping Options With Multiple Collection Checkouts

In the past, your visitors would have needed to checkout multiple times if wanting to purchase products from different collections. Not any more. Your visitors can purchase all their products, downloads or services regardless of whether they are in different collections in one simple checkout as long as the collections are using the same price plan. This makes the shopping experience quicker and easier for clients as well as making things simpler for you.

Add Access Code Box, Search Box And Social Media Icons To Your Nav Menu

Due to high demand, we have created a new navigation menu option. You can now add the access code box, search boxes and social media icons to your navigation menu. This works particularly well within the responsive layouts. This ability to display an access code box in the navigation menu is particularly useful if you don’t want a client area page. The search boxes are a great addition to any stock photography website as it makes it even easier for customers to find what they are looking for. By displaying your social media icons in your navigation menu, you are making it even easier for visitors to find your social media profiles and follow you too.

New “Styles” Functionality In Rich Text Editor

There are now a number of “styles” you can choose from in the rich text editor. This allows you to customise your text and titles in no time at all while still achieving beautiful designs. These are the default “styles” but you/your web designer can also add custom styles.

New Alignment Option For Advanced Contact Form

You now have new alignment options of the contact form within the advanced contact page. These options allow you to centralise your contact form or to display the contact form on the right-hand side.

New “Images SEO Editor” (Can Be Delegated)

When editing a collection, you can bulk select images and click the “edit” button to access the My Images SEO Editor. There, you can update filenames, captions and keywords of all images selected in bulk. This is a huge benefit and time saver to your image SEO. You can also now delegate this task to a third party (your assistant or an SEO company) without needing to give access to your account.