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4 Christmas Photo Shoot Ideas For Family Photographers

Posted on October 30, 2017 by Elsa under Business, Inspiration, Sales and Marketing, Seasonal Marketing Ideas

Christmas is a prime time for family photographers to boost bookings and sales, as well as increase client numbers. Here are four Christmas photo shoot ideas that you could offer as a family or newborn photographer.



A new baby’s first Christmas is a really special time for any family. Why not offer a commemorative photo shoot that can be cherished for years. This is an opportunity to use some lovely seasonal props such as a twinkly light background, a Santa hat or reindeer antlers to wear, plastic baubles to hold and even a stocking or wrapped gift to play with (or if small enough to sit or lie inside).



Meeting Santa is another photo shoot opportunity for family photographers. This could be arranged by you, the photographer, or could be a prime opportunity to partner up with another local business such as a supermarket, Christmas tree farm or garden centre. You might even find that a local school or nursery are already planning an event which could use your services.



This is a time when families come together and embrace the festive season, especially when there are little children involved. After all, who doesn’t love putting the angel or star on top of the tree? Why not capture this special family time, which really does only happen once a year. You could even suggest that families use these images for their Christmas or thank you cards. 



Again, this is another really special time for families and a time when we all (especially children) really embrace the magic of Christmas. This photo shoot could be held in a studio or at the clients home and could capture storytime (maybe with a Christmas classic such as “The Night Before Christmas”), children in special Christmassy pyjamas, putting out milk and biscuits for Santa or even waiting by the chimney or Christmas tree for Father Christmas to arrive. 



Also, don’t forget that Christmas gift vouchers are another great way of boosting business at this time of year. Vouchers could be used on a photo shoot or products, and to save you time we have even made a page set for you so that you can just start selling.