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How To Humanise Your Business In Four Easy Steps

Posted on January 6, 2016 by Elsa under Sales and Marketing

How To Humanise Your Blog In Four Easy Step

When you run a small business it’s easy to think that detaching yourself from clients will make you appear professional. However it’s important to remember that being a small business you are more able to provide a bespoke service to your clients. This gives you an advantage over the Goliath’s of the business world. One of the easiest ways to provide a tailor-made experience for your customers is to humanise your business as much as possible.



Your about page is the first place that many of your customers meet you so make it count. You not only need a great description in place, talking about yourself and how you started your business, but also a clear image of yourself. Displaying a photograph of yourself not only cements that you are in fact a real person but also that you are approachable and want to be known.



When you’re running a small business by yourself it can be difficult to fit everything in and unfortunately in-person meetings are the first thing to go. Of course a phone call is always better than an email but nothing quite beats a face-to-face conversation. So why not consider using Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime to get in contact with your clients? It’s just as convenient as a phone call but has the personal appeal of a face-to-face chat.



A similar way of humanising your business is to send your clients follow-up emails. These don’t have to be imposing or lengthy, but a quick message to say thank you and to ask if they like you’re images is a thoughtful and always appreciated gesture. This is also a great way to get testimonials!



If you use social media for business then you’ll know that it’s a great way of interacting with your clients. Of course social media platforms are a great way of sharing offers, blog posts and images but it’s also important to show your human side and really engage with your customer base. Share some behind-the-scenes photos of your day, put out a status saying what a great time you had on a photo shoot, or simply thank a customer for a kind comment.


How do you show the human side of your business? Have you experienced a nice ‘human touch’ from a company in the past?