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Four Great Ways To Use A Blurb Page On Your Website

Posted on August 17, 2020 by theimagefile under Inspiration, Theimagefile, Websites and SEO

The blurb page is a really versatile page type and can add some real wow-factor to any website. There are many ways you could use the blurb page, however, we have detailed our four favourites below.

Four Beautiful Ways To Use The Blurb Page On Your Website

Your About Page

About pages are often overlooked and not given the same attention as other areas of your site as many photographers would prefer their images to speak for them. However, it is an important area on your website and often of great interest to a potential client. After all, the majority of clients want to know a little about the person they are investing in and potentially trusting with an important moment in their lives, for example, their wedding day, events or a new baby.

Your Client Area

We often focus heavily on making our website beautiful to prospective clients, but what about our current and even past customers. They deserve a bit of wow-factor too!

The blurb page is a great page type for packing a punch visually and can even be a adapted to each genre you specialise in. Not to mention, it keeps everything nice, safe and private!

Your Testimonials

Testimonials literally speak volumes about your business, however, it is easy for them to look like a big list of text. So why not jazz it up a bit?

You could share your customer’s testimonial with one of the beautiful images from their session. You could even add in some animation if you really wanted to pack a punch!

Showcase Your Specialities

The blurb page is also a beautiful way of showcasing all the genres you specialise in. You could display a beautiful image, with a bit of text about that genre and even link to a relevant gallery or additional page. Perfect for keeping things easy and simple for clients.

You can easily add a blurb page to your own website by going to My Websites > Pages > Create New Web Page and selecting “blurb page”.