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6 Ways To Add Festive Cheer To Your Website

Posted on October 16, 2019 by Elsa under Inspiration, Seasonal Marketing Ideas, Websites and SEO

I know, October seems a little soon to be thinking about adding some festive cheer to your website. However, it is never too soon to start preparing your website for Christmas.

For most small businesses, Christmas is the most profitable retail holiday of the year. It is a prime opportunity to offer special discounts, themed photo sessions and seasonal product packages. It is also a prime opportunity to use your most valuable piece of online real estate to the max – your website. Not sure where to start? We have come up with a few ways you can add some Christmas sparkle to your website.


A banner links page looks beautiful at any time of year and can really come into its own at Christmas. The page is a full-screen width slideshow which is perfect for catching the visitor’s full attention and adding a real wow-factor to your website. You can also add text and a button to the image which adds a nice touch of movement to your site. It’s also a great way of linking to other important web pages, for example, a favourite gallery or holiday-themed web page.

You can easily add a banner links page to your website by going to create a new web page > Others > Banner Links. This page type will only work if you are using the responsive layout.


If you are a photographer specialising in multiple genres then a linked gallery would be a perfect page choice for you. It allows you to link to various galleries or other pages without overwhelming a visitor with content, or worse, having to choose which content you show.

You can also easily update the featured image of the linked gallery whenever you wish. This makes it the perfect choice for adding a seasonal touch to your pages.

You can set up a linked gallery by going to create a new web page > Galleries > Linked Gallery.


If you are using a stack spacer page as a client area, you can add a video background. This is a really beautiful addition to any website, adding movement, interest and another dynamic to the site. It is particularly useful when trying to add a seasonal touch to your site.

You can create a stack spacer by going to create a new page > Others > stack spacer. At this point, you can either add a background image or select a background video instead, however, you will need to be using the responsive layout.


What better way to show off some festive fun than a Christmas themed gallery. This would be a great way of showing some of last year’s work to encourage further bookings this year.

You can set up a gallery by going to your My Images area > create a new collection > upload your Christmas images.

Once you have your collection made you need to add it to a new page. We have chosen a mosaic gallery. The beauty of a mosaic page is that you get a big impact from the get-go as you can show a lot of images all at once. Then visitors can click on an image to enlarge it.

To set up a mosaic page go to create a new page > Galleries > select the Mosaic Page > select your new Christmas collection from the drop-down menu.


If you are offering special themed photo sessions over the Christmas period then a great way of adding a festive touch is to set up a Christmassy client area. We have used a stack spacer page for a client area as we love the full-width image and how versatile it is. Another benefit of the stack spacer is that it displays just one image, making it perfect for seasonal showcases and adding a bit of festive cheer.

To set up a stack spacer go to create a new page > Others > Stack Spacer > once you have set up your text box, upload the image you want to use as a background image.


Your contact page is often an area that is overlooked when it comes to design but it is a prime position to add a bit of Christmas sparkle. Why not add a festive-inspired photo to get those sleigh bells ringing?


Remember, you can also add falling snow to your website by following the very simple help article! It’s a great way of adding that something extra to your website for Christmas.

You can see all the pages alive and kicking by viewing our Christmas website here.