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8 Great Content Ideas For Child Portrait Photographers

Posted on May 18, 2020 by theimagefile under Inspiration, Social Media and Blogging, Websites and SEO

For the fourth instalment of our content ideas series we thought we would share eight ideas for child portrait photographers. Of course, at the moment, it isn’t possible for portrait sessions to take place but sharing some well-written articles on either your blog, social media platforms or website is a great way to maintain interest from past clients and encourage new customers to get in touch.

The Essential List Of Things To Bring To A Children’s Session

The majority of parents will never have experienced a portrait session of any kind and many will most likely have last worked with a professional photographer at their wedding. So make things easy for them!

Why not compile a list of essentials to bring along to their child’s portrait session? This might include a special toy or prop they would like included in the photographs, a spare change of clothes (just in case) or even a pack lunch depending on how you run things!

Bloopers Kids Say And Do

Share some funny stories of children you’ve worked with. Many parents will feel put at ease by hearing a few bloopers you’ve experienced in the past!

How To Choose A Special Prop For A Child’s Portrait Session

Many children have a toy, trinket or heirloom that is particularly special to them. It’s a lovely idea to include these things as a prop in the child’s portrait session. Why not share your advice for choose a special prop so that parents can make a really poignant decision for their child’s portrait session.

The Key Childhood Moments A Professional Photographer Should Capture

There are many moments during childhood that deserve to be captured professionally. For example, christenings, birthday parties, graduations etc. Share your list of key childhood moments that a professional photographer should capture so that parents can plan their own milestone sessions.

How Photography Can Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Many children suffer with confidence issues as they grow up. Why not share your advice to parents on how photography and more to the point, a professional portrait session, could help boost their child’s confidence and self-esteem.

How To Get Children Excited For Their Portrait Session

Any parent will know the struggle of trying to get a child excited about something – whether that be a school activity, birthday party or a portrait session. Why not share some professional tips on getting children excited for their portrait session so that everyone enjoys the experience.

Why Have A Child’s Portrait Done Professionally Once A Year

A child changes so much in a year. Not only emotionally and intellectually but also physically. A yearly portrait is a perfect opportunity to capture all the changes a child has experienced in a way that can be cherished for years to come.

The Best Bribes To Get Kids To Cooperate At A Photo Session

Again, another opportunity to share a bit of humour with potential clients. Why not share your experience of the best bribes to get kids to cooperate at a photo session. This will not only make parents smile (as I’m sure we’ve all been there!) but will also put them at ease knowing that every parent has been through the same thing.

Even though photo session isn’t currently possible, you can still manage everything online through theimagefile. You can set up private galleries for your clients to ensure security as well as beautiful client experience. Not to mention, you can boost future business with a selection of gift voucher options.