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Sales: Sales techniques

If you Google sales quotes, these are some of the results you get.

Sales techniques pic

Any honest salesperson will tell you that 90% of those quotes are correct and that attitude, motivation, desire and sheer enthusiasm are key sales techniques helping you gain success in business. Having a great product helps enormously of course.


Sales up-skilling and product diversity

sales up-skilling and product diversity

Sales up-skilling and product diversity will drive more business and boost profits. The more sales that happen, the more it becomes clear that building relationships and having some kind of connection, however fleeting, are big factors. Simple things like learning someone’s name and not forgetting it next time around, or following up with a piece of news or link to a website that they find important to their search sound basic things, but are fundamentals to establishing a meaningful connection. It illustrates care and attention and sets you apart from the competition.


Sales promotions!


Sales promotions – using time and excitement!

We’ve talked plenty about relationships and the benefits of long-term building but what about the street market skills, the flashy sales tactics and short-term wonder? This is just as important to your sales strategy in terms of revenue and it will sometimes lead to strong, long-term clients. The important thing here is recognise those customers needing a quick-fix and those that need more attention to a more established problem or need. It’s easier said than done though.


Business Review: Advertising

Last week, we spoke about reviewing your business plans for the new year. Today, we are going to discuss reviewing your advertising from last year and some things to take into account for 2018, so that you can be sure you’re getting as much bang for your buck as possible. 


Fail quickly

fail quickly

‘Fail quickly’ is a commonly used phrase originating from the worlds of Uber and Facebook. This may result in a big sigh or the eyes glazing over. Fair enough, but it’s a vitally important point and no doubt businesses have been doing it far longer than those companies named above. Fast moving retail goods especially.

if you are going to try a new product or service then commit to it and if it doesn’t work, find that out quickly so it does not cost you any more than it needs to.


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