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5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Client Relationships

5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Client Relationships

Building a strong and lasting customer relationship is one of the easiest ways of providing great customer service and a first class client experience. It is also one of the simplest ways of retaining loyal customers for years to come. After all, it’s far easier to grow your customer base with loyal past customers than it is to find new clients in the future! So here are my five simple ways to boost your client relationships and therefore boost your customer base.


Marketing: Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing

In other words: how can you keep your customer coming back and buying your services?

Often, winning the client or customer for the first time is the easiest bit. Delivering what they want, expect and are paying for can be tough according to the personality traits involved. But further to that, how can you get them to buy your other services or keep them interested in what you have to say?

Retaining clients is the holy grail for all companies because a happy client will pay on time, recommend you to others and be the best potential purchaser of your new products and services. Financially-speaking it is also cheaper to maintain a long-standing, happy client than it is to chase new customer wins. This may be true but beware falling into a comfortable, cosy, incumbent client situation. Over-reliance on one or two customers and a lack of new business wins could easily turn a seemingly good business situation into a non-existent one if those clients left for whatever reason.

A few strategic points to keep an eye on regularly:

  • Make sure your existing clients are happy, but don’t pander to them too much
  • Maintain a pipeline of new business leads and meetings
  • Happy clients = happy balance sheet + happy workplace
  • Reward client loyalty with special offers and unexpected actions
  • Keep relationships fresh and interesting

I’m hesitant to use another Virgin example and especially one for Virgin Media when there may be some disgruntled customers out there, but this advert is a great example of customer retention marketing. It is also using an object, in this case a ‘NICE’ biscuit, which has a positive imprint with most people. Almost everyone likes biscuits, even if they’re not a fan of ‘NICE’ ones.

  • In one simple effective image and tagline, they have communicated:
  • Ongoing service is free to you as an existing customer
  • They are nice people
  • You would enjoy spending time with them
  • They go the extra mile

It is really is a very simple premise, but keeping everyone happy will ensure a smoother ride all round. In a small business it is easy to over analyse every client interaction and try to second-guess what they might want or how they will react. As with the other key relationships in your life, it becomes a question of common sense and intuition as to how you deal with your customers. It’s all too easy to bend over backwards and give them everything they ask for but in the long run, you are doing yourself and them a disservice. Their expectation will always be thus and you will go to increasingly extreme (and costly) lengths to ensure delivery. Relationships are a two-way street and a solid, long relationship is one where both parties are happy.

Getting Started With Facebook As A Small Business

I’m pretty sure that by now every one of us has heard of Facebook. Not only is it one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, but in recent years (and weeks) it has gained popularity and notoriety amongst individuals and small businesses alike.

Now, most business owners have a love-hate relationship with Facebook and admittedly it does have some areas that aren’t so popular, for example, many people dislike that the platform has become more ad based in recent years and it has become harder and harder to organically reach your audience on Facebook. However, this shouldn’t stop you from using the platform for your business because there are lots of great things about it too. For example, as one of the most popular social media outlets in the world, you have the opportunity to connect with lots and lots of people. Plus, it’s a social network that the less techy tend to feel more comfortable with as they have heard of it and most likely seen it being used by other friends or family members in the past. 

So, to help you find your way through Facebook we have a very simple guide to help.


7 Ways Email Marketing Can Bring Success To Your Photography Business

This article is written and provided by Freddie Tubbs. Freddie Tubbs is an email marketing professional at Australian Help. He is writing Academized study blog and is a guest writer at the Atlantic and Bigassignments blog. We’re thrilled to share his email marketing advice for photography business. Thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge with us! 

Running a photography business is hard work. On top of being a photographer, you’re also a website operator, a manager, an accountant, a customer service advisor, a social media manager and, of course, a marketer.

If you’re trying to get your business out there in front of the masses to secure sales, you may have heard of email marketing, but how often do you use it to promote your business and connect with your customers?

Today, we’re going to explore seven key ways you can use email marketing to your advantage, helping you to promote your photography business effortlessly.


Why You Should Build A Business Community

There is often an independent streak that runs through the self-employed. There is a feeling that you have to do everything by yourself – make all the tough decisions, deal with all the challenges and keep the motivation flowing. Not only is this stressful and at times overwhelming, but also can be very lonely. After all, human beings are social creatures and we tend to function at our best when surrounded by like-minded people who inspire, motivate and support us. Being a part of a business community is just that – a place of like-minded people in the same industry that can help you grow not just in your business, but also on a personal level. 


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