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How A Mind-Shift Can Seriously Change Your Business

Posted on November 11, 2015 by Elsa under Coffee Break, Inspiration

When the drearier months roll in we can all fall into a slight rut when it comes to ourselves and to our businesses. But sometimes all you need is a bit of a mind-shift to alter your perspective and to boost your inspiration. Here are three reasons how a change in mind-set can seriously boost your business.



The mind is a powerful tool. Why did you start your business, really? Was it to turn a hobby into a full-time job? Was it a way of bringing in some extra income while still maintaining a flexible schedule? Or did it stem from a love of the creative industry?

Whatever the reason for your initial business idea, I’m willing to bet passion came into it somewhere along the way. While a passion is usually what gets us started, unfortunately it isn’t enough to run a successful business. You need to have a plan.

If you look at some of the world’s most successful business owners you’ll notice that they think differently. They often branch out into other fields of business and usually have a great amount of success, even if their business ventures are completely unrelated to each other. This is because of their mind-set. They’re often strategic, intentional and smart when it comes to goal setting.

Consider Sir Richard Branson for instance. His first business venture was a record business he managed from a church in the 1960s. At the time, he was also running a magazine where he interviewed several major celebrities and advertised popular records, and his business became an ‘overnight success’. Because he was new to business he named his record company ‘Virgin’ and sold records at a significantly lower price than his competitors. Despite his main area of knowledge being within the music business, his mind-set allowed him to expand into other industries.

Sir Richard Branson eventually launched Virgin as a physical shop, a record label and a recording studio. But instead of limiting himself to the music industry, he began to branch out into other areas. He has since launched an airline company (Virgin Atlantic Airways), a railway business (Virgin Train), a telecom and media company (Virgin Mobile), a space-tourism company (Virgin Galactic), a comic/animation company (Virgin Comics), a global science and technology company (Virgin Earth Challenge) as well as condom products (Mates).

Am I telling you to start your own airline? Well, never say never. However the main thing I’m trying to stress is that while your trade or speciality is important, your mind-set and strategy are crucial. So yes, it’s really important to master your craft and learn as much as you can, but in a way it’s even more important to become business-savvy. Creativity doesn’t stop when you capture an image, it should extend into your business.



Do you set goals based on what other people are doing? Do you get nervous if everyone else is doing something different to your own business plans?

Don’t rely too heavily on what has already been done or what everyone else is achieving, chances are they’re stressing over what you’re up to! It’s more important to figure out your own photographic style and your own unique skills, and to stick and expand on them. If you’re constantly basing your next business venture on what everyone else has decided is a good idea, you’ll always be one step behind. Instead, why not put in the extra work, go the extra mile and add the extra creativity? Instead of being the business that emulates others, be the business everyone else strives to emulate.



Dream big. I don’t mean this in a fluffy, sappy, head in the clouds kind of a way. I mean this in an ‘aim high and set big but achievable goals’ kind of way. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of moving into the wedding industry? Or perhaps you have a new quirky idea for the commercial photography genre? Whatever your ‘big goal’ is, don’t set your sights low because you haven’t seen anyone else in your industry try or accomplish a similar idea. Aim higher.

Equally, don’t stop there! Once you’ve set your big goals, sit down and create actionable steps and smaller goals that are going to take you and your business to where you want to be. Maybe this means networking more effectively in order to increase your customer base? Or finding a mentor to guide you through the process of moving into a different area of industry? The best way to start is to take your big goal and work backwards until you’ve broken down the process into small bite-sized chunks. This is also more inspiring as smaller steps are easier to achieve than one massive hurdle.


If you haven’t yet experienced a turning point in your business, start with a change in your perspective. Pour more time into thinking and planning your business strategically rather than fluttering from one idea to the next. Steer clear of what everyone else is doing instead challenge yourself to aim for bigger dreams and trust yourself to create achievable steps to help you reach them.


How have you grown your business? Are there any major goals your aiming for in the future? How are you planning to achieve them?