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April: What’s Coming Up?

Posted on March 27, 2019 by Elsa under Business, Inspiration, Seasonal Marketing Ideas, Social Media and Blogging

April is only a couple of days away so below are a few days you might want to market your business to or use as a starting point for blog posts and social media content.

1 April 2019: Fun Day

A great all-rounder day for any photographer – from family portraits to school to weddings.

3 April 2019: World Party Day

A great opportunity for event photographers to push party photo coverage.

6 April 2019: Army Day

A fantastic opportunity for family and portrait photographers to market themselves to military families. Perhaps an opportunity for a beautiful military portrait of a loved one, or a family photo shoot before a member of family heads overseas, or even a way to get involved with reenactmentent and historical groups.

10 April 2019: Sibling Day

Again, another opportunity for family photographers to market themselves to families of siblings or to use as inspiration for blog and social media content.

10 April 2019: Day Of Pink

You could use this day as a fun theme for family or child photo shoots.

11 April 2019: Pet Day

Obviously a prime opportunity for the pet photographers out there.

20 April 2019: Husband Appreciation Day

A great opportunity for family photographers to get their foot in the door and to offer as a gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries etc.

29 April 2019: International Dance Day

Another option for dance and theatre photographers to boost their bookings and sales.

Active Dog Month

Again, another chance for pet photographers to boost their bookings and get the word out there via blogging and social media.

Couple Appreciation Month

An opportunity for family photographers, not to mention wedding photographers to boost their enquiries. A great theme for engagement shoots as well.