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Are You a “Me” Or a “We” Business?

Posted on March 11, 2015 by James Duncan under Sales and Marketing


Are you a “me” business or a “we” business?

I hope you like the product” or “If you have any problems contact me” are phrases used by the “me” businesses. Generally, these businesses are smaller, more personal businesses who are aiming to give their customers bespoke customer service. On the other hand, “We hope to hear from you soon” and “Thank you for shopping with us” are phrases commonly associated with larger, more corporate companies. It is important to decide whether you are a “me” or a “we” as it will affect every customer interaction and experience with your business.

On theimagefile you can now easily update your whole website from the “me” and “I” to the “we” and “us”. Simply; log into theimagefile > My Profile > About Me > My Company.



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