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Posted on June 13, 2019 by Rich under Business, Websites and SEO

Backlinks are a great way to give your website an SEO boost. But what exactly are they and how do you use them to boost your website visibility? A backlink, quite simply, is a link that links back to your website. That link can be anywhere and crucially is not on your site or platform that is your company i.e. it is external. Clear? Good.

Google now marks your site down if it is not mobile responsive

  1. GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER! In order for your website to function as well as possible and be open to all the communications the rest of the internet might send your way, your site has to be streamlined. Is it set up properly for mobile? Does the site load correctly and quickly? Basics, but worth the investment. Google now marks your site down if it is not mobile responsive, i.e. viewable properly on a smartphone.
  2. LINK TO THE RIGHT PAGE! It may come as no surprise that things become outdated quite quickly and old pages that you thought had died a death long ago still exist. This problem is never-ending but needs rectifying as external links will get sent the wrong way or get held up in their search. If users get held up, they tend to go somewhere else.
  3. MAKE GREAT CONTENT! When people search for information, the search engine will look for relevant content that has direct context for that particular search. The better and more informative the content is on your page, the better chance you have of being found.
  4. IT’S COMPLICATED! We can all understand the jargon to some extent, some better than others, but there comes a point when it becomes time to employ an SEO specialist or digital marketing company. It can be expensive, so why not offer some studio time in return?
  5. FIND SOME GREAT WEBSITES! Very simple but if you can get a backlink of your homepage link, or any page for that matter, on a site which has a large number of users and visitors then this will benefit you in the longer run. It’s just simple economics.
  6. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! Ok, it can’t hurt to have as many backlinks out there begging to be clicked but there is a hierarchy to the internet. Getting links on quality websites alongside other high-quality links is obviously a very good thing. And the opposite is also true so try and remain aloof from random or nonsensical content pages that have absolutely nothing to do with your business.
  7. WHERE ARE YOU? Search has become a geography lesson on any device. How often do you now use Google maps to search for information that you can click on? More and more. Getting geo-tagging in your link game is a must, especially if you rely on local business to drive the majority of your revenue.
  8. KEEP YOU CUSTOMER FRONT OF MIND! It is a basic assumption but keeping your target customer at the forefront of your website activity is crucial. This applies to using the right search term within a post or simply making content that is tailored directly for them. If they like it, the search engines will like it.
  9. KEEP IT REGULAR! The same habits that keep your finances in line are the same ones that give your website the boost it needs. By posting regular, quality content to some sort of calendar, the more backlinks will work for you.
  10. DON’T BE SHY! If you are hunting for business, then making and sustaining relationships will stand you in good stead. The same is true online and creating partnerships with other websites. These partnerships may well come about from offline chats but nurturing them online will pay dividends.