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Posted on May 16, 2019 by Rich under Social Media and Blogging, Websites and SEO

Blogging is like rocket fuel for your site. Here are our top ten blogging tips!

  1. PARTNER UP! Call in some favours, offer some in-kind services to pull in some partners who can help drive traffic your way, and theirs. Hopefully, they are already established with their own communities and customers, and they want something you have. Be that a free studio session with you or advice from you on their next event coverage. However, it works, having them promote your services on their channels which you can talk about on yours is a great thing.
  2. AMAZING CONTENT! There is no replacement for having people share something you have created. This is free marketing and the best goodwill for your business. This kind of love is unforced, natural and can only speak volumes about your service or product.
  3. EVERYBODY WANTS IT! Offering something everybody wants, for FREE. It’s an absolute sure-fire way of grabbing attention. A free print, free studio time, free portrait….entering their name and email for free. What’s not to like?
  4. DAILY ROUTINE! OK, not that exciting even with an exclamation mark! But still, a background strategy to ensure a slow and steady build-up of visitors and hopefully engagement (sharing). Blog daily if you can, google we will like you for it, and your site of course.
  5. SPECIAL EVENT! This may be part of driving people to amazing content or building up to a discounted offer. Tease people daily towards a date and release of something which is special and unique (and then make sure it is!) We all love to have something to look forward to alongside the chance to win something so build up the anticipation and make it worthwhile.
  6. INVITE A GUEST! We all have VIPs in our heads, people or brands that we will make a point of staying in touch with. Find a local celebrity with a passion for photography or find a way to bring a more widely known personality onto your site however briefly. The spike in traffic will make a difference if the quality of content is good and will be something to refer back to for future posts and events.
  7. COMPETITION! You may be involved with a wildlife charity or a kid’s photography club. Create a competition which can build over time and drive your groups to engage with the site and each other. The community will grow and expand in different directions.
  8. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! Posting regularly is a must but in tandem with that, the quality of what you are posting must be as good as possible. Unloved material is quickly seen through and the valuable connection lost.
  9. PIGGYBACK! This may seem underhand but done in the right way, piggybacking other events and news items is a good way to relate people to what you are doing. A special plane landing at your local airport? A lunar eclipse? Demonstrations in London?
  10. EYES ON THE PRIZE! It would be easy to sit back on the original design of your site and the technology used to make it. It’s astonishing how other things take over in the business and the site becomes outdated. Keep a beady eye on this, change is inevitable.