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Brand Audit: Social Media

Posted on March 10, 2017 by Elsa under Business, Sales and Marketing, Social Media and Blogging

This is the final part of our brand series, and we’re going to be focusing on social media. We’re going to be covering how to have a unified style, streamlining your content as well as the next steps to take. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram so we will be focusing purely on those networks. 



Think of your social media profiles as an extension of your website, business and brand. They should align perfectly with every other aspect of your company – not just the information displayed but also in terms of style. A customer is far more likely to take your business seriously if there is a consistent feel to each aspect of your brand. So make sure that your Facebook and Twitter cover images match or are at least very similar, that your profile picture on each network is the same and recognisable and that the information displayed is correct and unified. 



Of course, you want your business to show a bit of your personality – after all the purpose of social media is to be social! However, remember that your business social media should still be professional and business-related. Check your profiles and remove anything that is no longer needed or doesn’t feel unified with your brand. Also, think about the purpose of each social media network and consider how that would affect what you post and how often. For example, Instagram is purely visual and therefore is a fantastic place for you to share recently jobs, favourites from your portfolio or just general inspiration. On the other hand, Twitter moves very fast and anything you post doesn’t stay at the top of the newsfeed for long so this might be a better choice for quick updates or sharing. 



  • Go through each of your social media profiles and make sure that the style and information are unified so that any visitors get a professional, consistent experience. 
  • Take a good look at the content you are putting out on social media and consider how it could be improved or managed differently in the future. 
  • Set a schedule for your social media so that you know you are posting regularly on all platforms. There is nothing worse than a customer taking a look at your Facebook page and your last post being from two years ago!
  • If you are not yet on social media now is a great chance to get on the band waggon. As we mentioned before, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are the most popular networks and therefore will give you the most reach. Alternatively, take a look at our Social Media Service for more information on how we can help you set up and brand your social media profiles.