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Worldpay Refunds: 10/11/12 September 2018

We understand that a number of you have received a refund email from Worldpay. We would like to apologise for the confusion. After much investigation, we have just been informed by Lloyds that all transactions on the 8 September were processed on the 8 and 9 of September. They corrected this by running a refund on all transactions made on the 8 September which would have triggered the email that you may have received from Worldpay. 
We have been assured by the bank that the error has been rectified, however, I would advise anyone to check their statement against their sales history/past payment invoices to make sure that they have been only charged once. 
We apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused. 

3 Back To School Photo Shoot Ideas

If you hadn’t already noticed from the banners in every shop window and the overwhelming amount of stationery in the supermarkets, next week is back to school week. This is often a bittersweet time for parents and students alike. After all, there is nothing more exciting, nervewracking and emotional than a first day. This is especially true if your child is starting nursery for the first time, moving up to “proper school” or starting their last ever year of education before moving on to bigger and brighter things. So why not maximise on this time by offering parents a photo shoot. 


Working on the business, not in the business

Working on the business, not in the business is a term you may have heard before. But how do you put this into practice? Being the custodian of your business, there is a massive subconscious tendency to work every hour in the day. To ensure you are doing everything you can to make it a success. For some, there is no getting around this and those hours will be put in. The smarter way to go, with the greatest respect, is to work smarter and more efficiently. Effective work only happens when there is focus and intensity on the task at hand.


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