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Sales: Converting leads into business

You’ve paraded your wares, potential customers are looking admiringly and interest is being registered. So what next? Don’t think for one minute that potential customers are not looking at other service providers and their costs, location, friend’s recommendation, etc. It is vital to provide as many reasons for them to choose to go with you and to also do it in a timely fashion. Warm leads, like your dinner, only stay warm for a finite period of time. Get it while its hot! A cheap turn of phrase but very apt. Converting leads into business is a key skill you will need to master if you are to become a successful photographer, so you will need to be, fundamentally, a sales person as well as a photographer too. (more…)

Marketing: Customer service

The blurred lines with sales are unavoidable and today’s marketing function in all business has a large ROI (return on investment) price tag attached to it. It is pointless creating a wonderful shop front if there is no incentive or even footfall to pass it by. As with most things, simple communication is often the most effective. The way you communicate with your customer from the first potential business conversation to the last chat you have with them about their friend who might need your services is all-important. It defines you and your service.


Sales: Product And Pricing

In the first of our series of sales blogs, we take a look a the important issue of product and pricing. They’re two key elements in the traditional 4 Ps of the marketing mix; price, product, promotion and place. We will look at:

  • Defining the product offer
  • Correct and competitive pricing
  • Bespoke service pricing
  • Assessing overheads

Sales and marketing. Two words any creative person will dread to a greater or lesser extent. The longer a creative spends in business, the more important these things become. It is impossible to ignore how one side of the business depends on the other. As such, by establishing some frameworks early on you will ensure a much smoother ride as your focus gets stretched to other parts of the business.

Defining your product offer sounds simple but establishing what it is you offer and staying on that track, at least in the short term, is not so simple. You want business and when you’re starting out, you will be ready to say yes to almost anything partly down to enthusiasm but also because you need to pay the bills. Rightly so, but being careful about the kind of work you get a name for will lay down a marker for the kind of customer and client you attract going forward. An addendum to this – you don’t have to promote all the jobs you have done. (more…)

Marketing: Defining Your Business

In the first of a series of marketing blogs, which are designed to help your business flourish, we firstly look at ‘Defining your business’

• Identify your market 

• Differentiate from the competition 

• Target that market

• Goal-setting 

This may sound very simple but: can you actually define your business concisely and do you know your who your customer is? You would be amazed at the number of businesses who are not really sure of who they are or where to find them.

In the business of photography, as with most creative fields, it is crucial to define your business and then set yourself up appropriately. Wedding photography means different things to people from differing backgrounds, whilst product photography requires a professional studio. We haven’t even touched on equipment and technology. Ultimately, people will be attracted to your style but you need to consider who this style might attract. (more…)

Selling & Marketing Within Automated Emails

We all know that word of mouth referrals and returning customers are a great source of business if you can get it to work for you.  So how do you get your customer to come back or pass on your details to their friends and family? By adding eye-catching banners within your automated Invoice emails you can prompt your existing customers to talk about you on their Facebook page, Twitter feed, join your Mailing List for new promotions, make another order, or view a different area of your work.


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