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Social media, the rules of engagement!

In conflict, straightforward actions generally lead to engagement, surprising actions generally lead to victory. – Sun Tzu

Ok, so the above quote is all about war and we’re hardly at war here but the lesson rings true. If we simply go through the motions and deliver the same products and promotions as everyone else, we will move at the same pace. If we can be creative, try to produce some smart content based on how we see ourselves and what our product or service can deliver, then we stand more chance of gaining traction with customers. A surprised person is more likely to change their action of just browsing and actually make a purchase or an enquiry.


Building an effective social media campaign

Building an effective social media campaign can be, well quite tricky to say the least.

“You can’t win anything with kids” – Alan Hansen

It’s a common perception that the younger generation are savvier when it comes to social media and how best to use it. Mr Hansen was notoriously proven wrong with the above statement but his perception, based on years of experience in the game, was not entirely unsound.


Becoming A Wedding Photographer?

We have created five fundamental wedding photography web pages which you can easily install into your website. They are aimed specifically at boosting your search engine optimisation and increasing enquiries and sales so definitely worth installing.


The web pages include; advice for your potential clients on how to choose a wedding photographer, why your clients should book an engagement photo shoot with you, what you will do as their wedding photographer and a description of the “after-services” that you provide such as a digital only package, prints and album options. Of course, you can edit these web pages to suit your needs and make them more personalised.


To install these web pages simply log in to your account on theimagefile > My Websites > Pages > Page Sets.


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