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Is Your Message Being Heard?

Promotions are a part of every small business’ marketing plan. They are a way of encouraging purchases from past clients, reeling in new customers and boosting sales during slow periods. However, traditional marketing can be expensive for a small business…that’s where Internet marketing comes in!

Internet marketing is a great way for small businesses to market their offers to a larger public. The Internet creates a level playing field where products and services can be promoted to millions of people every day at relatively low or non-existent costs!


Do You Give The Right Impression To Your Visitors? (Part 3)

Customer service is an incredibly important part of making your business a success. Regardless of which field of business you are in and whether you are part of a large international company or are self-employed, there are certain (incredibly simple) customer service skills that you need to master. Below we have included a list of specific skills that once mastered, can wow customers on a daily basis.


Do You Give The Right Impression To Your Visitors? (Part 2)

The science of colour has been an area of increasing research for the past few years and has changed how colour is viewed by businesses throughout the world. We now know that colour is one of the most important design aspects of any business, it will decide how memorable you are, how responsive your target market is and most importantly, the impression you will give your visitors.

According to Shopify, when a customer enters your business they make a subconscious judgement about your retail environment and product within 90 seconds of the initial viewing – between 62% to 90% of this judgement is based on colour alone! Similarly, your business colour palette could be the key to increasing your sales, for example; when Heinz changed iconic ketchup from red to green its sales increased by $23 million in the first month!


Do You Give The Right Impression To Your Visitors? (Part 1)

In order for any business to succeed it needs to have a retail strategy. A retail strategy is…

“a marketing plan that details how a business intends to offer its products or services to consumers and influence their purchases”.

For a high street shop, this is easy as they can use their location, shop name, windows, interior, and checkout to constantly influence their customer base. However, for those of us on the web, it can be a little harder. The best thing to do? Imagine your website IS your high street shop!


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