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Coffee Break

Moodboard: November Family

November family portraits are so wonderful and are the start of the Christmas magic for us. They are the perfect end to this month and lead up to December.

The colours at this time of year are beautiful. The use of whites, greys, blacks and cool blues completely epitomise winter and perfectly complement the chilly winter light. This is also the perfect backdrop for some truly cosy family pictures, with everyone bundled up in scarves, coats and woolly hats. Or perhaps if your family is a little more glam-based, the perfect setting for some seasonal glitter?

November also often brings the first snowfalls to certain parts of the country. Snow is such a magical element to a landscape and provides the perfect opportunity to get some great shots for the family Christmas card. 

What do you love about November family portraits?


Moodboard: November Weddings

Despite often being overlooked due to the beautiful light offered by September and October, November weddings have so much to offer. 

We love the fading light that November brings. It gives couples the opportunity to embrace indoor venues – from the elegance and glamour of historic houses to the rustic charm of barns. This is the perfect setting for a stunning candlelit ceremony. How very Romeo and Juliet! 

November also brings a beautiful palette of greys and blues that looks so elegant and can be used in so many aspects of the day – from the flowers to the decorations, you could even include a cosy blanket for some really wintery portraits! 

We also can’t get enough of the beautiful long sleeved wedding dresses that start to appear more and more this month. They are so elegant, timeless and perfectly capture the more wintery feel of the month. 

What is your favourite aspect of November weddings?


Moodboard: November Engagements

November engagements are so exciting. There is a nip in the air, a definite move towards winter and the occasional twinkle of Christmas lights. 

November is the perfect opportunity to embrace what most of us would consider “trickier weather” and show that it can be just as beautiful as a hot, summers day. We love the darker, moodier feel to pre-wedding shoots captured during the fading light of the day, the ethereal feel that a misty morning can bring and the detailed, intimate moments that a shared blanket or umbrella can produce.

After all, is there anything more romantic than kissing in the rain? It’s not in all the films for nothing! 


Moodboard: November

November is here! This month is the start of, dare I say it, the lead up to Christmas. It’s hard to believe how time has flown by this year. 

For us, November is the time of Bonfire night. We love the firework displays, the smell of smoke and roasting chestnuts and the glitter of sparklers. Is there anything more autumnal?

It’s also the time of rainy days and chillier nights, of having to get the thicker bedding out and the need to add a cosy blanket or two around the home. We say goodbye to icy drinks, t-shirts and jeans and replace them with steaming mugs, thick jumpers and winter coats. 

There’s a nip in the air and when the shops start putting up their Christmas decorations and playing the occasional Christmas jingle we can’t help but feel that there is a little hint of the magic that is to come.


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