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Focus On…John Kelly


We interviewed John Kelly, a full time press photographer working in the west of Ireland. John is a multi award winning photographer and has worked with The Clare Champion for the past two decades. He’s appeared in many publications himself including the well known publication, The Scattering where he traveled to England, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea to record the stories of those who have left the newspaper for different shores!


What’s On Your Christmas Playlist?

As Christmas is quickly approaching we thought we’d do a festive post to get us all in a merry mood. We did a poll in the office to find out what our top ten Christmas songs were and we thought we’d share them with you. So, carry on reading to find out our music picks for tidings of great joy! (See what we did there?)


Focus On…Mike Black Photographer



Theimagefile team have started a new blog series; “Focus On…”. We will be looking at some creative photographers, their lives and work. We hope you enjoy it!

The first in our series is Mike Black, a photographer based in Manchester. His work spans across all genres from portraits, press and PR to architecture, interiors and landscape (pretty talented we’d say!). He’s also an avid “instagrammer”.


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