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Why You Should Share Your Images With Vendors?

As a wedding or event photographer, you have an amazing opportunity to use your skills and talent to help other business owners. Every business, regardless of industry or size, needs professional images. On a wedding day or at a corporate event there are dozens of vendors who have played a role. Often vendors take a few images of their hard work themselves, either with a basic camera or a phone but their images couldn’t match the quality yours could provide for them.


Spending Less And Charging More

How To Spend Less But Charge More

Spending less and charging more is what we all would like to do. If this was easy, everyone would be doing it. However this is too simple a quote, as it is probably fairer to say that ‘if a close eye is not kept on matters, then the margins in place to make your business some profit, gradually reduce’.

Suppliers can incrementally or inadvertently charge more, or you can feel the need to buy more expensive kit because of market fashions. Relationships with customers can get cosy and you gradually offer them friendlier prices.

Whatever the reasons it’s important to regularly review contracts with suppliers and the pricing on your products. The prices you offered in the first place will need to reflect the existing costs your business entail.


Why Should You Belong To An Association?

why you should belong to an association pinterest

One of the best parts of being in any industry is socialising and partnering with other fantastic people in your industry. At theimagefile we’re partnered with multiple photographic associations who we truly believe aim to support, benefit and grow photographers. We collated information from some of our partner associations so that we can give you a comprehensive outlook on why you should belong to an association as well as try to help you decide which society is best for you and your business.

Our interviews are covering the SWPP, the BIPP, the PPANI, the AOP, The Guild Of Photographers and The Royal Photographic Society.


Throwback Thursday – Deleting Unwanted Price Plans!

This Throwback is going to focus on deleting unwanted price plans. Now, deleting your price plans may seem like a daunting process. However deleting those that are now unused or unwanted can save you time and avoid mistakes in the future.

Before you can delete any price plans you would be advised to set your default values. This is a way of saving time and stopping errors later on too. To do this go to My Images > Collection and File Defaults and choose the area you wish to edit. Here you can (e.g.  Events and Galleries):

  • Make sure money is being transferred through the correct channels.
  • Set up your desired fulfilment centre.
  • Set up preferred slideshow music.
  • Change your display mode.
  • Write description text.

default values

To start deleting price plans go to My Sales > Price Plans > Manage Price Plans  As you can see in the example below the only price plans my collections are using are “High: All Products” and “High: Print Only” so I can get rid of all the others. You can either select certain price plans individually or you can click “check all” and delete in bulk. Don’t worry you cannot accidentally delete your default price plans or plans you are using as they won’t select.



Finally, if you find later on you want one of the default price plans back, they are available from the “Create New Price Plan” drop down list.



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