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Product Gift Vouchers | The Go-To Present

Posted on May 1, 2020 by theimagefile under Business, Sales and Marketing

TweetA product-based gift voucher is considered the “traditional gift card”. They are available throughout every industry and we have all had experience with them, either as a buyer or recipient. They are loved by us all. Why? Well, buyers love them as they can purchase a suitable and thoughtful gift, even if they don’t know […]

Experience Gift Vouchers | The Big Ticket Item

Posted on April 20, 2020 by theimagefile under Business, Inspiration, Sales and Marketing, Seasonal Marketing Ideas

TweetAs a photographer, you are in a unique position. You have the opportunity to offer both traditional product-based gift cards but can also branch out into much-sought-after experience gift vouchers too. I’m sure we have all had experience with traditional gift cards. The concept is that the customer purchases a gift voucher of particular value […]

Gift Vouchers | How To Make Income During Lockdown

Posted on April 16, 2020 by theimagefile under Business, New and Improved Features, Sales and Marketing, Theimagefile

TweetWe all have reasons to show our appreciation to those special people in our lives. From birthdays and anniversaries to celebrating life’s big moments. Knowing what would be a great gift can often be difficult and in this day and age, many of us already own everything we need. This is where a voucher can […]

How To Improve Your On-Site SEO

Posted on April 6, 2020 by theimagefile under Business, Sales and Marketing, Websites and SEO

TweetLet’s start right at the beginning and talk first about search engine optimisation in general. Search engine optimisation is the way in which search engines, like Google, decide where your website should rank on their results page, but also how relevant it is to potential clients. At the end of the day, Google and other […]

FAQ Pages | Convert Your Customers

Posted on April 3, 2020 by theimagefile under Business, Sales and Marketing, Theimagefile, Websites and SEO

TweetFollowing on with our mini-series Jobs You Can Do While In Lockdown, we wanted to focus on one of the most important page types you can include on your website. FAQ pages are often overlooked and ignored in favour of more aesthetically pleasing choices such as portfolios and blogs. However, they are a fundamental part […]