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Why You Should Put Your Prices On Your Site?

For most photography business owners, one of the most controversial decisions to make is whether to post pricing information on their websites. As Hubspot explains; clients dislike the idea of posting prices on their website because “it’s not done in our industry”, “what happens if my competition sees it?”, “all our pricing is custom, nothing is standard” or simply “we would never do that”. However, this is could be a huge mistake as to the majority of buyers the most important question is “what is this going to cost me?”.


Throwback Thursday – Email Mailing Lists!

For this Throwback Thursday post we wanted to focus on the importance of email mailing lists and how they can be a benefit to your business. Email mailing lists, much like traditional mailing lists, are a way of using emails to distribute specific information to many Internet users and have become increasingly valuable over the past couple of years.

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Sales: Sales techniques

If you Google sales quotes, these are some of the results you get.

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Any honest salesperson will tell you that 90% of those quotes are correct and that attitude, motivation, desire and sheer enthusiasm are key sales techniques helping you gain success in business. Having a great product helps enormously of course.


Promoting Your Business Online!

Following on from our article “Refresh Your Business!” we have combined the last two business goals; promoting a business more and increasing communication with customers. Every business regardless of size or industry needs to promote and market their services to a customer base. However, it can be hard knowing which promotion route to take. This article focuses on how to best promote your business online through email and social media.


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