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Seasonal Marketing Ideas

Christmas Page Sets!

Much like last year we’ve created some Christmas inspired page sets, showing a selection of Christmas offers, that you can easily download and display on your website. We have made some adjustments to the design so it is even more customisable by you. Also, you can now use the images displayed in the page sets if you wish however, we would of course recommend that you replace them with your own photographs as this would be a better representation of your work and individual style.

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How To Make Your Christmas Gift Guides Stand Out

How to make your christmas gift guide stand out - pinterest

For those of you who don’t know, a ‘gift guide’ is basically a guide or list designed to help your customers choose great products from your business. You may well have seen them produced by companies such as John Lewis, Amazon or small independent gift shops.

You may be thinking, why should I bother creating a Christmas gift guide? Well gift guides have become an increasingly popular marketing tool for both small and big businesses. Gift guides are a smart tool to use during the Christmas period as not only do they make product purchasing easier for clients, but also gives a personalised experience to customers. So here are a few tips to making your Christmas gift guide stand out!


Seasonal and event driven promotions

seasonal marketing pinterest

Seasonal and event driven promotions can help give your business a boost at key times, perhaps filling quite periods. Christmas and Easter are ones which immediately spring to mind, as they can be used to drive customers your way. And not only these annual calendar favourites; the same methods can be used for less universal events that may happen locally on an annual basis. We’re talking about music festivals, sport events, charity gatherings, business shows and fetes. The meet-ups that involve plenty of organisations and mass participation all need recording for the organisers or local papers, even national ones, or trade press.

There’s also individual past customer key dates too – wedding anniversaries, birthdays, etc. How about engaging with past customers in the lead up to an anniversary / birthday? A nice photo is a really great present and will score brownie points for an old client, as well as added revenue for you, simply direct them back to your web site to order online, it’s very little effort on your part, even the fulfilment can be automated.

…making a calendar of relevant events that fit into your marketing plan will help guide the kind of customers you hope to win…

We discussed staying ahead of your work in the previous blog, and the crucial nature of having a timetable of work. In much the same way, making a calendar of relevant events that fit into your marketing plan will help guide the kind of customers you hope to win and help with the schedule of work.


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