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Seasonal Marketing Ideas

Seasonal and event driven promotions

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Seasonal and event driven promotions can help give your business a boost at key times, perhaps filling quite periods. Christmas and Easter are ones which immediately spring to mind, as they can be used to drive customers your way. And not only these annual calendar favourites; the same methods can be used for less universal events that may happen locally on an annual basis. We’re talking about music festivals, sport events, charity gatherings, business shows and fetes. The meet-ups that involve plenty of organisations and mass participation all need recording for the organisers or local papers, even national ones, or trade press.

There’s also individual past customer key dates too – wedding anniversaries, birthdays, etc. How about engaging with past customers in the lead up to an anniversary / birthday? A nice photo is a really great present and will score brownie points for an old client, as well as added revenue for you, simply direct them back to your web site to order online, it’s very little effort on your part, even the fulfilment can be automated.

…making a calendar of relevant events that fit into your marketing plan will help guide the kind of customers you hope to win…

We discussed staying ahead of your work in the previous blog, and the crucial nature of having a timetable of work. In much the same way, making a calendar of relevant events that fit into your marketing plan will help guide the kind of customers you hope to win and help with the schedule of work.


Becoming A Wedding Photographer?

We have created five fundamental wedding photography web pages which you can easily install into your website. They are aimed specifically at boosting your search engine optimisation and increasing enquiries and sales so definitely worth installing.


The web pages include; advice for your potential clients on how to choose a wedding photographer, why your clients should book an engagement photo shoot with you, what you will do as their wedding photographer and a description of the “after-services” that you provide such as a digital only package, prints and album options. Of course, you can edit these web pages to suit your needs and make them more personalised.


To install these web pages simply log in to your account on theimagefile > My Websites > Pages > Page Sets.


New Year, New Business!

It’s officially 2015! Undoubtedly we’ve all made a few business goals for the upcoming year, however it can be difficult knowing where to start…

We wanted to know how to help you even more this year so have done a bit of research into the top resolutions for businesses. We discovered that on average the top business resolution is to refresh the look of a business, followed by promoting more and getting more help and finally to increase customer communication and client following. Inspired, we are starting a new series of blog posts addressing how theimagefile can help you achieve these goals.

So stay tuned to find out everything you need to start 2015 with a bang!

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