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New and Improved Features

New FTP Import Feature

We have a small new update to the FTP import area that is designed to make things easier and save you time. 

Let’s start with a scenario. I, the photographer, upload my images and receive an order from a customer, but before the order is finalised they want to make some changes to a number of images. This needs to be done before the files are sent to the lab or album designer.

Previously, I would have had to re-upload the images with the desired changes individually and then replace each old file individually. This might be fine if it was just one or two images but would become quite time consuming if there was a larger number. 

Now, however, I can upload the newly edited images in the FTP import and then select the files, with the same file names, that I wish to replace. 

This new feature is turned off by default so that it can be a choice of the photographer, however, we also remember whatever your last choice was so that you don’t have to re-set the settings each time. 

For more information about the Replace Updated File feature you will find the help article here.

Copy Page Shortcut

Now when you edit a web page there is a “copy this page” shortcut which leads to the Copy Web Page workflow with the page you were editing pre-selected. You will find this within the meta tags for search engine optimisation link near the top of the page. 

We also now have a new checkbox in the Copy Web Page area which allows you to set an admin test copy. This admin test copy will not be displayed in the navigation menu, have no robots and have the default name “Original Page TestCopy v101”. 

We hope it will now be far easier for you to test out various improvements on any given page by making an admin test copy, without polluting the navigation menu or sitemap. Equally, if you decide you no longer need the test copy you can easily see which page you were using and safely delete it. 

New Stack Page Cue

Keeping in mind the new options and benefits of the stack page in the responsive layout, we have a new small update to share. You can now go directly to edit a web page that is not displayed in the navigation menu and we will do a secondary check to see if it’s included in any stack page and if so, we mention it.

The intent with this cue is to help you decide what to do with the page. Is it an old page that can be deleted? Or is it being used somewhere important? Now you can easily see where pages are, even if they’re not being displayed in the navigation menu. 

Note also, that if you do delete or accidentally delete a web page, we automatically check to see if that page is linked to from other live pages and warn you. This gives you a chance to restore the web page and remember, we only soft-delete your web page for 90 days. 

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