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How to fix corrupt images


corrupt image example

Sometimes however hard you try things just don’t go as planned and you have to fix corrupt images.  Internet connections can drop because of interference from nearby electrical gadgets that you have no control over, and power can fail at the most inconvenient time or you could be uploading on-the-go and  simply loose connectivity.  It’s frustrating, however if your internet connection drops when you are uploading a large file collection the problems are compounded. You might not know which images have uploaded and which files were still in the queue, and sorting that sort of mess out can be very time consuming.   So here’s a trick to vastly ease the pain.


Scrolling Folio – A great page for portfolios (and SEO)

Large with no spacing

For a super easy display of images on a web page, use the scrolling folio page. Whether it be a portfolio,  event, sample images for a client or even product photos, this  page type has always been great for SEO but also has the benefit of offering sales options from each image if required. Theimagefile has just released some updates to this page type which now makes it even better and easier to use. (more…)

Do It For You – Photo Competition Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Do It For You photo competition.

We hope this competition brought back the memories of why you went into this fantastic business. So don’t stop. Do it for you. Do it now. Do it often.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to upload images and vote for their favourites. Below are a small selection of the entries.

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