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Changes to minimum pixel and minimum byte requirements for print sales

Posted on March 25, 2021 by theimagefile under Sales and Marketing

We are excited to start launching the 2021 shopping cart upgrades and we will be sharing more detail as the upgrades are launched over the next few weeks. In preparation, updates are now being made to all accounts. Don’t be alarmed – nothing will change for your customers – everything will work automatically just as before, and all the changes will only benefit sales, make administration easier and make you more money!

Previously, we would forbid the display of sale items if the uploaded pixel limits were smaller than the minimum size required by the lab for a particular product – we would just gracefully drop that product when a customer was viewing that photo. However, that meant that you had to upload files – probably larger than the native camera file, for the product to become available. Now, instead, we allow any large lab-fulfil print to be purchased, in violation of the pixel limits, and instead just put the entire order into a 7-day proof delay, with an explanatory warning sentence in the email sent to you (the photographer) and in your proof-delay dashboard.

This is enabled now. You can disable it in your Preferences if required. This change applies only to lab-fulfil physical items. As you control the file requirements on self-fulfil products you already have control of the minimum requirements so if the file size on a self-fulfil item violates, or any digital item does not meet the minimum requirement, then we continue to not allow the item into the cart.

We now allow the sale of any selected, very large products that you have added into your sales item library if the file uploaded is larger than 3000×3000 pixels — any image of at least that size can now be purchased with any print size, ignoring any potential higher pixel limits. This is documented in the ?-icon. This feature is being monitored and may be fine-tuned over the next few months. Any changes will be documented in the blog.