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Milestones To Offer For A Child’s Third Year

Posted on July 23, 2018 by Elsa under Business, Inspiration, Sales and Marketing, Seasonal Marketing Ideas

If you are a newborn photographer, a child’s third year is another great milestone opportunity and a way to tie parents into future photo shoots. But what milestones can you offer for a child’s third year?



When toddler’s reach their third year they start to physically show affection to those that they care about. This is a prime opportunity to get parents involved in the photo shoot or other siblings. What is more precious to parents that a gorgeous picture of their toddler giving hugs and kisses? 


By their third year, children can express emotions fairly clearly. This could be a fun milestone to capture and could even be done in a photo booth style, for example, you could have a collection of four images with the child showing “happy”, “sad”, “scary” and “silly” faces. This is a great alternative to a traditional milestone session. 


As mentioned in our second-year milestones, toddlers love to play pretend and get even more advanced with their imagination in their third year. For example, toddlers love to play with dolls, dress up clothes and kitchen equipment. This could be a really endearing milestone to capture for parents. 


In their third year, toddlers become more coordinated and love to get up and dance for people. Throw on some kid-friendly music and capture little ones doing their moves. Again, this could make a great series of photos for parents. 


Toddlers become more dextrous as they grow and their drawings really develop this year. You could produce a set of images of a child drawing and then show their artwork to the camera. This could be made even more special if created near a relevant holiday, for example, “a drawing of Mummy” near mother’s day or vice versa for father’s day. 


When toddlers reach their third year, they develop the ability to “read”. Although this isn’t necessarily proper reading, children often know when to turn the pages and will recognise characters or certain pictures within the book. This could be another really sweet milestone to capture, especially when using that child’s favourite book. This is also a great choice for quieter toddlers.