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Ready For A Christmas Movie Marathon?

Posted on December 9, 2014 by Elsa under Coffee Break
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We thought we’d follow our heavy VAT article with a little light relief! Christmas is getting excitingly close; lights are up, music is playing and televisions are swimming with Christmas films…so we thought we’d join in. So keep reading to find our top Christmas movie choices. 🙂



1. Miracle on 34th Street – It’s an Oscar winner for a reason!

2. Frozen – Great family film and you can’t beat Olaf’s humour!

3. A Christmas Carol – A heartwarming classic that never gets old.

4. White Christmas – A wonderful musical that will keep you humming!



5. The Holiday – A total feel good movie with a cast to keep you smiling.

6. Home Alone – A children’s classic that never get’s old, love it!

7. It’s a Wonderful Life – A wonderful film and timeless classic with a courageous message.

8.  Arthur Christmas  – A funny, heartwarming and poignant take on Santa Claus!

9. Nativity! – Hilariously funny and heartwarming, a great choice for the family!

10. Elf – A total classic that adults and children will adore.



There are so many great films on at the moment, don’t forget to set them to record! Enjoy! 😀


[question]Tell us what your all time favourite Christmas movie is![/question]




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