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Cover Photos Update!

Posted on March 24, 2020 by theimagefile under New and Improved Features

A few weeks ago we announced our new feature – Cover Photos. For those of you who missed it, here’s a brief recap.

What Are Cover Photos?

Cover photos are the feature you have been waiting for. They are not only beautiful but also functional.

Cover photos are a gorgeous way of introducing a client gallery to your visitor. The cover photo displays at the top of a client gallery, showing a chosen image, full-screen, with the name of the collection in the centre.

A full-screen cover photo with an enter button in a client gallery on theimagefile.

Why Do I Need To Use A Cover Photo?

Absolutely, your photographic talent and skills are what got you the job. It’s what booked the client. It’s what put the money in the bank. And hopefully, it’s what sets you apart from other photographers in your area.

However, one thing that can give your business a little edge is providing an awesome client experience. One easy and simple way to do that is using cover photos.

Cover photos give you the opportunity to add that finishing, personal touch to every client gallery. To really drum home the one statement you want to stick in your client’s minds. “This is why you chose me as your photographer”.

It’s a prime position to really let your photography shine. Not to mention make another area of your website just a little bit more beautiful. No one can argue with that, right?

So, What’s The Update?

Make The Thumbnail Larger

As the cover photo is shown full-screen (or almost, depending on your chosen settings) you might want that image to be generated larger than the other thumbnails in the collection. Anyone else spent time trying to work out the difference between two thumbnails before? Not anymore!

You can now do this by checking the relevant box on the edit file page. Remember to save your changes!

Remove The Watermark

The idea of the cover photo is to show a big, beautiful image that packs a punch. This means you probably don’t want to cover it up or draw attention away, with a great big watermark. Anyway, I’m sure the bride or new mum would much rather appreciate their special photos without a veil of text!

You can remove the watermark from only the cover photo by checking the relevant box on the edit file page. Remember to save!