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Crop Tool Update!

Posted on July 13, 2016 by Elsa under Business, New and Improved Features, Sales and Marketing, Theimagefile

We have recently updated the crop tool so that it is now identical on all platforms; mobile and desktop. This update means that purchasing is now easier, faster and more intuitive for the customer as they can purchase from wherever they are; be it from home or while on the go!

So what’s changed exactly?

Before clients would select an image, then a product and be sent to a shopping basket where they would be told that they could crop the image by going to a completely separate page. Now with the new update, customers see a shaded out box displaying the image they’ve chosen at it’s maximum size after being cropped. If they wish to adjust the cropping they can still do this manually, however if they decide to just purchase the image it will automatically be cropped for them.