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8 Elements Of A Great Information Page

Posted on September 10, 2020 by theimagefile under Photographers Websites

Whether you are a professional photographer, sole trader, artisan or other small creative business you should have an information page on your website.

An information page is an area of your site that houses all the important information a visitor might want or need to know about your business.

There are lots of reasons why it’s important to have an information page, however, the main one is that most potential customers feel more comfortable reaching out to a business if they already know a few important bits of information.

  1. Can they afford your products or services?
  2. Do you travel or ship to their location?
  3. Is your business trustworthy and reliable?

Having an information page is the perfect way of answering all of these questions, before they get in touch with you.

So what are the main elements to a great information page?

Make A Big Impact

There are many pages within your site that obviously need to make an impact, namely, your home page and portfolio pages. However, your information pages should also include a bit of wow-factor. One really easy and beautiful way of achieving this is by utilising a banner links page. Not only does this leave a significant impression on the visitor but also gives your images another opportunity to shine.

Display All The Info

Of course, the main aim of any information page is to display all the important info customers need to know so make sure you make everything really clear and easy to follow. For example, all the packages or levels you offer, what exactly is included in each package, anything customers should be aware e.g. is the package limited to a certain number of people?

Add Your Pricing

Many customers feel more comfortable approaching a business if they have some idea of pricing. Of course, if you offer different packages, levels or services this might be easy for you. However, you might operate on a case-by-case basis, in which case, just a starting price can be a big help to clients.

Optional Extras

If you offer any optional extras, for example, any products that are included in particular packages, photo booths, a second photographer, videographer etc, this is a great place to advertise them. Make sure you also list any relevant prices so that clients can work out whether they can afford everything within their budget.


Testimonials are one of your business’s biggest assets as nothing speaks louder than your customer’s words. Your information page is the perfect place to showcase your testimonials as not only does it add something different to the page itself, but also gives your potential client a chance to see what other customers have felt about the services they have just read about.

Trusted Suppliers

If you work regularly with any local suppliers, venues or other professionals, your information page is a great place to list them. Remember to link to any whenever possible and ask those listed to also link to your website too. This is really good for your SEO.


If you get asked any questions regularly, your information page is a great place for you to address them. For example, if you often get asked about booking etiquette, shipping costs, products you offer, cancellation policies etc, this is the perfect place to house your FAQ answers.

Your Contact Page

Once your client has read all about your services, products, additional extras, trusted suppliers and your business in general, you want them to act fast and impulsively. By linking your contact form into your information page, either by using a button or by adding into the bottom of your stack page, you are ensuring customers can get in touch before they have a chance to get distracted, divert or reconsider. The perfect call-to-action.