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Posted on July 11, 2019 by Rich under Business, Sales and Marketing, Social Media and Blogging

Facebook Pixel, that’s a new term! And one you should know about. If your business does not rely on the digital retail tsunami that is putting our high streets to the sword, do not read any further! In the very likely event, you are continuing to read, then your website is of utmost importance. The value of being able to track how and when your visitors are using your pages is golden information. Using this information to better sell your products and organise your company’s presence enables you to keep pace with the constant change in the digital marketplace.

Facebook Pixel has provided the means to track consumer behaviour

Facebook Pixel has provided the means to track consumer behaviour and by doing that, you can make adjustments to how you run your advertising, whether your investment for things like that is worthwhile (i.e. are you getting RoI) and basically how you can raise your online marketing game. If this is crucial to how you run your business, then Pixel is a large cog in the customer revenue and behaviour tracking machine.

  • What did they look at in your store? Knowing which products get the most attention enables you to push them higher up the page. Knowing which ones don’t gives you a chance to try different ways of presenting them or trying something different altogether.
  • Where else did they go on your website? If there are other areas of interest such as event ideas, masterclasses, venue partner information or even if they clicked straight through to you Instagram page, this is all valuable insight into where to put your energies.
  • Did they half fill out a form? Often people visit and only half commit their details even though they are interested. Knowing things like this and figuring out why can really change how people interact with your site going forward. Is the form too long? Are you asking for too much personal information? What is the incentive for signing up?

Tools like Facebook Pixel come into their own when you can start to anticipate what your visitors do or how your ads can look depending on the time period people are looking for certain things. People’s behaviour can be assessed. Your promotional activity can adjust accordingly. Let’s say the majority of your visitors arrive in the week, in the evenings around 8pm.To win new visitors (and hopefully customers) you can run your promotional campaigns for these times of the week.

This can obviously be tailored to people who have already visited your site and looked at certain pages or products, maybe weeks or months ago. You can let them know directly through tracking ads if there is now a sale on for that particular page.