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Future Session Gift Vouchers | The Bookings Booster

Posted on May 11, 2020 by theimagefile under Photographers Websites

One of the main aims of any small business is to boost bookings and ensure future work. This is often quite simple during busy months, however, what happens during those quieter times or in an unexpected crisis, like the Covid-19 pandemic?

This is where future session gift vouchers work perfectly.

What Is A Future Session Gift Voucher?

A future session gift voucher allows you to offer customers the opportunity to purchase a session now but redeem it later. This is a great choice for both you, the photographer and the client.

Why Should You Offer Future Session Gift Vouchers?

For The Photographer

For you, the photographer, a future session gift voucher allows you to make money now, knowing that you have secured work in the future. This is particularly beneficial during the quieter months of the year or during a period of time when you cannot work for any reason.

For The Customer

From the customer’s point of view, purchasing a gift voucher for a future session is a great way of securing a particular experience, even if they are not ready or unable to redeem it yet.

Things To Consider

In terms of a future session gift voucher, there isn’t a lot to consider. After all, a customer is simply purchasing a future session that you are already offering with the mindset of redeeming it at a later date.

However, one thing to be aware of is deadlines.

It is very popular to have a deadline date in the UK, but in other countries such as the United States, it is not legal to put a deadline date on a voucher. If the customer has a voucher, the value of that voucher is redeemable at any time. So make sure you check and are working within the realms of local laws.

Need Some Inspiration?

If you are in need of some inspiration on how to design and market your future session gift vouchers, then take a look at our future session voucher web page.