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Get Ready To Tie The Knot!

Posted on April 13, 2015 by Elsa under Coffee Break
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Now that Spring is on its way many couples are planning their upcoming nuptials. So, following on from our Valentine’s Day series we will be running a Wedding Programme to help you boost your business and increase your sales.

To get everyone in the mood, just for fun, we have found ten wedding traditions that may interest you…

1. In Sweden the couple enter the church together. The first to step over the threshold is considered the pants-wearer in the relationship.

2. At an Italian wedding ceremony a vase is smashed, the number of broken pieces represents the number of years the couple will be happily married.

3. In Japan during the ceremony the bride wears a white hood to hide her “horns of jealousy” that she feels towards her mother-in-law.

4. In Jamaica everyone in the village comes together to see the bride. If she does not look in tip-top shape then she is publicly criticized!

5. German wedding planning starts at birth. When a daughter is born in Germany several trees are planted in her honour. These tress are then sold once her wedding date is set, the idea being that the money from the sale will help pay for the wedding day.

6. In Czechoslovakia the brides friends traditionally plant a tree in the bride’s garden before the wedding. They decorate it with coloured ribbons and painted egg shells. According to legend the bride will live as long as the tree.

7. In Wales a bride’s bouquet often contains myrtle, a symbol of love. The bride traditionally gives a cutting to her bridesmaids. According to legend if the bridesmaids plant the cuttings and they will marry soon after they bloom.

8. Russian couples share a wedding loaf known as a Karavay. Whoever takes the biggest bite is considered head of the family.

9. Cajun couples could wait weeks for a religious official to visit due to them being so isolated. So, betrothed Cajun couples would ceremoniously jump over a broom to signify their marriage.

10. In China after the wedding feast, friends and family follow the couple to their bedroom making as much noise as possible and taunting them. They will try to stay as long as possible before the couple eventually kick them out.


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