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How to fix corrupt images

Posted on August 27, 2014 by theimagefile under Coffee Break, Theimagefile, Tutorials


corrupt image example

Sometimes however hard you try things just don’t go as planned and you have to fix corrupt images.  Internet connections can drop because of interference from nearby electrical gadgets that you have no control over, and power can fail at the most inconvenient time or you could be uploading on-the-go and  simply loose connectivity.  It’s frustrating, however if your internet connection drops when you are uploading a large file collection the problems are compounded. You might not know which images have uploaded and which files were still in the queue, and sorting that sort of mess out can be very time consuming.   So here’s a trick to vastly ease the pain.

First, go to My Images -> Collection and File Defaults -> File Uploads and change your upload method to select to use the HTML5 uploader.  It does not need to be set to your default method for all time as you can change it again later on if you want.

Now go to the “My Images” and click to edit the collection that contains the corrupt files.  Click to upload files.

The HTML5 uploader will open.  Drag the whole collection into the upload box again… yes… (trust me) the whole lot again.

The uploader will check all the files already in the collection and if the file is an EXACT match to the one you are dropping in, it will skip uploading it again.  However, if your file is missing completely or if the file already uploaded is corrupt (ie. less data) then the new file will be uploaded and fix the corrupt images or missing images.

Finally, the system will read the filename and metadata and slot the image into the correct place in the collection for you.