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How To Make More Of Your Contact Page

Posted on August 19, 2020 by theimagefile under Inspiration, New and Improved Features, Photographers Websites

Make the most of your website's contact page
Example of a website contact page

A contact page makes it easy for the visitor to get in touch with you, show where your studio or workspace is, enquire about specific dates and times, specify the style of work they are interested in, ask for a quote or tell you where they found out about your work so you can see which marketing channel is working for you best.

Example of a website contact page
Example of a website contact page for customer to request a quote.

Add into a Stack Page

Don’t miss that enquiry, add them into Stack pages when showing your prices, or portfolio galleries, information pages with testimonials, FAQ’s. Editorial and blurb pages work well when combined with a contact form when creating an offer or up and coming event.

Example of a contact page in a long-scrolling web page.

Contact Page features you may have missed

There are some really useful recent features not to be missed in the Advanced Contact form page.

  • Set the form field title to appear above, right or within the actual form field box.
  • Centre, right or left align the contact block within its’ own half of the page, the desktop may show the form to the right of the image but you would like the form in the centre on mobile.
Example of a website contact page.
Example of a website contact page with date and time selector.
  • Have something else in mind for the contact page and would like to start with a blank canvas, then we have set that up as well.

Creating the Advanced Contact Page

When creating a new Advanced Contact page, click through the examples using the arrows, check our the actual page by viewing “Example”, then when you have made a choice click “Create Page”.

Once the form has been completed decide whether you would like to show a message, redirect to another portfolio of images, more details, or create a blurb page as a dedicated page with the message and beautiful background image. There is also the option of adding an auto-response.