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How To Write A Good FAQ Page

Posted on April 7, 2020 by theimagefile under Business, Websites and SEO

The other day we discussed FAQ pages and why they should be utilised by every business. Not only do they save you, the photographer time and effort but they also help your customers easily find the information they need, improving the client experience.

However, one of the biggest questions we get asked about FAQ pages is what to include. How do you write a good FAQ page?

Well, here are seven tips to get you started.

Keep Your FAQ Page Focused

The first rule of a great FAQ page is to keep them focused. It’s easy for an FAQ page to become a dumping ground for information we don’t know what to do with. However, this can prevent the page having a focused purpose, not to mention, make it difficult for a visitor to navigate.

Top Tip!

Anytime you go to add new information or to update existing content on your FAQ page, check that it’s focused and actually a frequently asked question. If it’s not, consider a different part of your website to display that information.

Keep It Organised

As with most things in business, organisation if key. Many great FAQ pages are useful because their information is grouped into logical categories. This keeps the pages focused and logical as well as helps visitors easily find the information relevant to them.

Top Tip!

Before you start making your FAQ page, write a list of all the frequently asked questions you can think of. Once you have this list, go through and see if any questions should be grouped together into the same category.

For example, you might have multiple questions relating to photo sessions, product deliveries, after sale services or even the various ways to get to your studio.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you are a family photographer. Some of your questions you could categorise together might include:

  • How many people can be included in a family portrait session?
  • How long does a portrait session last?
  • Can we have an outdoor portrait session?
  • What should we wear to our portrait session?

As you can see, it makes sense to group these questions together so that customers can find out everything they need to know about photo sessions without having to dart around the page.

Don’t Go Overboard

Sometimes it’s easy to include every piece of information you can think of on an FAQ page. However, this can be counter productive. Not only is it more work for you to keep all the information up to date, but it can also make your business look complicated. Why?

Example One: You’re looking at a company’s website and decide to find out about their delivery policy. You go to their FAQ page and see that there are ten questions. You easily find the one about deliveries and read the detailed answer.

Example Two: You’re looking at a company’s website and decide to find out about their delivery policy. You go to their FAQ page and see that there are thirty questions. There are three different questions explaining delivery policies and it all seems to complicated. You find another company.

See what I mean?

So, before you add a question to your FAQ page make sure it is actually a frequently asked question.

Use Your Customer’s Language

I’m sure we’ve all been there. Maybe you were talking to a tradesman, a caterer or even your child’s school teacher and suddenly you don’t know what they’re talking about. Why? because customers and businesses use different terminology.

Top Tip!

When you write your FAQ page, try to use laymens terms. It might not be 100% technically correct but it will make the information more valuable to perusing customers.

Be Visual

Sometimes it just helps to see something. Providing an example image or screenshot is a great way of adding more value to your FAQ page.

Top Tip!

If you are using a visual element make sure it is relevant to the question and reasonably sized for the page.

Plan For Scanning

The majority of us scan a page rather than reading every word. This is particularly true if we are looking for a particular piece of information.

Top Tip!

One of the best ways to make your FAQ page scan-able is to use headings and paragraphs. Make sure the text is easy to read and sectioned appropriately.

Stay Customer Focused

As always, the key to a great web page is to keep the content customer focused. The whole idea of an FAQ page is to solve your customer’s problems before they become problems. If you keep your customers at the centre when you design your FAQ page you will always do just fine.