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Posted on October 25, 2019 by Elsa under Business, Inspiration, New and Improved Features, Sales and Marketing, Theimagefile

We are excited to start the launch of the new collage feature. Designed with both you and your customer in mind allowing you to offer a bespoke, high-end product to clients and boost your profits without increasing your workload.

Collages are very versatile and can benefit any genre of photography. Different specialities require different approaches, so customisation was a priority. Design templates with borders, rounded corners,  font choices, background images and colours, making it easy to keep the collage in keeping with your clients brand.

With the added fixed image, include a logo, icon, or emblem to the collage as well as the collection name and date making it perfect for school portraits, club and team photos. You can offer clients a bespoke, high-end product, unique to your business.

Collages should be a profit margin boost for your business, so we have also updated all price plans to now be able to duplicate products.   Now, you can sell a 16×12 single image for one price and a 16×12 collage at a higher price. You will pay normal cost-of-goods so enjoy higher profit margins.

We are also launching a “collage recipe book” so you can easily get started by copying collage products to your own price plan as well as share your creations with other price plans.

But that’s not all, collages could be the profit margin boost your business has been looking for. As we mentioned above, collages could be used to provide a really high-end experience and beautiful, bespoke luxury products to your customers. A deluxe experience and product, in turn, means a deluxe price. However, the best bit is that once the customer has made their collage and chosen their product, theimagefile system will flatten the image and automatically send the file through to your chosen printing lab. This means that you will only pay the lab a normal printing fee, therefore giving you more opportunity to have a higher profit margin.

Find out more about collages and how to get started creating your collage products here.