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Jim’s App Picks!

Posted on January 13, 2015 by theimagefile under Coffee Break

Every year at least 45% of us make new years resolutions, however statistically only 8% are successful in achieving their goal. The three most common goals for the new year are to lose weight, get organized and spend less, save more. So I’ve found some really helpful apps to keep you motivated and on track during 2015…

imgresMyFitnessPal allows you to access the largest food database in the world (over 5,000,000 foods). It has an easy-to-use food and fitness diary and does all the calorie calculations for you. This app is incredibly simple and easy to get on with, I’d really recommend it for anyone trying to lose weight this year.


30/30 app 30/30 is a simple task manager. The app allows you to customize tasks with labels, icons, colour and time allowances. Once you have set a task and time, a timer will start to count down and alert you when your time is up, therefore moving you on to the next task. This is a great app for procrastinators as it keeps you focused on making your allocated time more productive.


Visual BuVisual Budget appdget is an expense tracker that allows you to set (and edit) income and expense categories. Transactions can be entered into your iPhone or iPad or can even be imported with iTunes. Budget reports, shown as an on-screen pie chart, show budget categories, monthly spending, upcoming bill lists and a graph that shows account balances over time. This is a highly recommended app that allows you to track your spending and upcoming expenses wherever you are.

Good luck with your resolutions, enjoy! 🙂