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Posted on September 5, 2019 by Rich under Photographers Websites

Landing pages are standalone web pages, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or an advertising campaign. There is a strange statistic that says less than half of all UK websites in the B2B marketplace use landing pages.

If you are photography business which caters for both B2B and direct to consumer, this statistic would seem a bit crazy. Why would you not want to capture a potential customer’s contact information? Or to find out why they are on your site. Or if they are interested in a particular product. The business case for having landing page is 100% clear. It could lead to a sale. At the very least perhaps, an interested addition to your email newsletter mailing list.

Landing pages provide a great opportunity to both capture contact information and also generate goodwill

If you still do not understand why landing pages are important then perhaps, let’s figure out why they are so important for data capture. Creating landing pages provides the opportunity to promote something of specific interest to the visitor. This could be a value-led product such as the opportunity to be sent a voucher towards their next purchase. Almost certainly the most prevalent and broad-reaching landing page in consumer retail. It could also be a way of targeting a specific group of consumers by offering information of value. A downloadable guide to smartphone photography, for example.

Landing pages provide a great opportunity to capture contact information. Also to generate goodwill amongst your growing community. Further enhancing this value, you can use your existing community or mailing group to expand your reach. Give them incentives to promote within their own social groups. Providing specific landing pages or unique codes on existing landing pages gives this group a feeling of insider knowledge and access.

Here are some things to consider when creating landing pages:

  • The information capture. This is the fundamental reason for a landing page. Aside from actually getting the information, having a plan or a number of plans as to what to do with the data is key. Different groups of people have different needs.
  • Content for your channels. A landing page provides another string to your content bow as they can be linked to on your social media channels. And used as a place and method to promote elements of your business.
  • A community touchpoint. When drumming up new business, there is a real need to provide a genuine reason, or hook, to make contact. Superfluous communications which have a negative effect. A thank you message or a way of checking that the recipient is OK with the commitment they just signed up to is one of these. These can be tailored to subtly promoting other potentially interesting avenues for them to consider. Keep it targeted. Keep it friendly.
  • Be smart with the information. If people are not reacting to a certain promotion, or if only certain people are, then analyse that data and change things up. Offer more targeted content and promotions to certain groups. Whilst looking at more generic campaigns to capture a larger swathe of your local area or national target, then re-analyse. The beauty of internet behaviour is the ability to change tack almost immediately and try different things. Do not be scared to stop and move in another, more fruitful direction.