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Linked Gallery Update!

Posted on July 14, 2015 by Elsa under Coffee Break, New and Improved Features, Theimagefile, Websites and SEO

square linked gallery 2

We’ve recently updated the linked gallery page so that there are now three design options to choose from. This is a great tool to add continuity to your website. These include captions appearing below images, captions appearing in front of images without movement, and overlay text that appears when the mouse hangs over images. Below we have included some examples.


Caption appear below image.

linked gallery redo 1

Caption appears in front of image – no movement

linked gallery 1

linked gallery redo 2

Overlay in front of image- appears on mouse hover.

linked gallery 4



This is also an effective design for square images e.g.


square linked gallery 2


To do:

Log into theimagefile > Pages > Create New Web Page > Linked Gallery > scroll down the page to “click here to customise text position and effect”.