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Logo Ideas!

Posted on November 10, 2014 by Madeleine under Sales and Marketing, Websites and SEO
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Today we wanted to talk about the importance of logos and how they brand a business. Your logo says a lot about the work you do; from what your business specialises in, to your personal style and target market. It also assists in making your website stand out from the crowd and look great. However…

It  can be difficult to achieve the logo you desire and your company deserves if you’re not a “designer”.

Therefore, we thought we’d give you some ideas on how to get your a beautiful looking logo!


Designed by Sugarflies Designs (Etsy)

There are many different options out there that can assist you in having a great looking logo…

  • Option 1: You could contact a design company and have a bespoke logo made just for you! This would be a good choice for those that want a truly unique design for their business.  This would be the most expensive option.
  • Option 2: There are many resources online that allow you to create a logo yourself. An example that we found was It’s a really easy way of creating a logo for your business and no technical know how is required!  You will be limited by the options offered but it will be a very cost effective solution.
  • Option 3: There is specially designed software that is purely used to create logos, for example Also a very simple concept with only three steps that produce very professional logos.  The costs are comparatively low and you get a fair amount of customization available in the software.
  • Option 4: There is the choice of having an “off the shelf” but customized logo from companies such as There are many pre-designed logos that are totally customizable. It’s a very good service with some beautiful designs that could fit any business and budget.

    Designed by Sugarflies Designs (Etsy)

    There are some really good logo resources out there so take a look around and get ready for 2015!

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