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GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – 25th May 2018

Posted on March 14, 2018 by James Duncan under Business, GDPR, New and Improved Features, Photographers Websites, Theimagefile, Websites and SEO

As the launch of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) nears (25 May 2018) I wanted to bring you up to date with what theimagefile is doing to smooth the way in making sure your website is ready and compliant.

First, here’s some background on what we are doing and to put minds at ease. We are:

  • Creating a new section in your control panel called “GDPR Tools” where you will be able to search based on a customer email, name or address which will collect any online orders, ask-for-email, and verified email databases so that you can generate a report, delete or anonymise those records.
  • Also before the 25 May, all relevant requests for client emails or other personal data will contain the opt-in checkbox as required by GDPR.
  • We have created a new page type called “Privacy Page” for you to add to your website should you need to. This contains a privacy policy that is compliant with GDPR including cookie policies for visitor cookies generated by theimagefile. You may also add your own custom text and images above and below the standard privacy page for any additional terms and conditions, refunds or returns policies. This page can be added to the footer of your website or to the contact page. You can use it on your website hosted here, your sales area, or link to this page from your externally hosted website. Getting this task completed before the May deadline would be prudent.

As you can imagine with the countdown to GDPR starting we are getting lots of requests for information about GDPR. Most of those queries will be resolved by the changes that we are already in the process of implementing. Other questions are specific to that particular business and we are unable to offer accurate information. The ICO offers a chatline and a helpline telephone number. We have also requested additional information from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) regarding management of certain images for example where a person can be recognised, however, we still haven’t received a satisfactory response from the ICO.

We will be posting any updates regarding GDPR on our blog – News & Stuff.